Monday, April 20, 2015

God's Love vs. ISIS Hate, Muslim Migrants throw Christians Overboard, Iraqi Refugees Faith and Needs, What do Muslims Believe?

How Do Christians Respond To ISIS? Here Is A Daring LOVE LETTER Them

Apr 20 2015 | 03:35

Italian police: Muslim migrants threw Christians overboard

By Hada Messia, Livia Borghese and Jason Hanna, CNN
Updated 3:17 PM ET, Sun April 19, 2015

Iraqi Refugees:
The needs -- overwhelming

“A lot of [the Christians] had Muslim neighbors they knew for 30 years. These Muslim neighbors said, ‘Get out of Iraq. You don’t belong here. We hate you Christians.'”

“One man told us: ‘I think God is chastising us because we forgot God. We stopped reading our Bibles. We stopped praying. Maybe God is using this.’ He said, ‘I want to tell you, my family and I we’re having devotions together every night. We’re praying together. We’re reading the Bible together.’ He said, ‘We realize that all we have is Jesus.'”

“A lot of people–Muslims–are saying, ‘If this is what Islam is, we don’t want to be Muslims anymore,’ and they’re opening up to the Gospel.”

Islam’s View of God and His Revelation
Reaching Muslims, Part 1
by Rich Wendling and Daniel Shayesteh 

"Nearly 2.5 million Muslims now call the United States home, another 3 million reside in the United Kingdom, and similar numbers inhabit every other major English-speaking country.

So more than ever, Christians in the West need to understand the unique challenges of sharing the gospel with Muslims. Every believer’s heartbeat should be to lovingly share Christ’s gracious work in a way that any precious soul can understand—regardless of his or her religion."

Islam’s View of Sin and Salvation
Reaching Muslims, Part 2
by Rich Wendling and Daniel Shayesteh

"In reaction to the many terrorist attacks worldwide, including 9/11, many Westerners consider Muslims to be their enemies. Many hate Muslims and fear any kind of contact with them. But Jesus commands us to react in a different way. The Muslim, like everyone else, is precious to God and needs to be reconciled with Him through Christ. We Christians are commanded to lovingly share the gospel with everyone, regardless of his or her religion."

Monday, April 13, 2015

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Why Are There So Many Singles? Why Am I Still Single, You May Ask.

 Check out the answers given by Rick Phillips and my additions that follow in this blog post

Why So Many Singles?

Take a minute to review this link and then come back for my comments (or visa-versa, if you prefer)

I agree on his perspective but would add or elaborate the following. I have spoken with fellow marrieds about one particular single (never married) Christian male. As far as any of us can see, he is doing everything right that a Christian single male is told to do. The only things that we can see as continuing his singleness would be some unseen trait only revealed when he is interested in a certain person of the opposite sex (which we don't think likely), his mild social awkwardness or that he is not outwardly appealing to the opposite sex. We marrieds shake our heads at this state of affairs and pray for him.

Another thing I see are eligible singles spending all of their time, energy, passion going after one particular member of the opposite sex who is not reciprocating. I think that many are stuck in singleness because they go after those who aren't marriage material, especially for them.

Also, there are those who never let go of their LIST. These are the 10 things I must find in a spousal candidate. If you do't have all 10, do not apply. My list included fair skin, dark brunette hair and blue eyes. Have you seen my wife? I think she's beautiful but I have thrown away items from my list that really don't matter. Some things are much more important than our shallow list of qualities.

My advice would be to relax and enjoy life and MINISTRY. Like Paul, utilize your singleness to Christ's advantage and the building of His Church. Pray, grow spiritually, put off the deeds of the flesh and walk in the Spirit and find opportunities to minister. It is in ministry that you will find like minded souls.

Consider a foreign short term missions trip. What a way to open up the pool of candidates to those who love the Lord and the lost as you do. But don't go primarily for that reason. Make the going of the Lord and for His glory but be open to the possibility that in going there may be someone whom God intended for you to meet. And if not, what have you lost by doing so? The gain far surpasses any perceived loss.

Also, enjoy your friends of both genders. When I gave up on dating during college, I decided to emphasize friendships. I figured it was a win-win proposition. If I didn't find a marriage partner, I would still be strengthening friendships, some lifelong. However, if one friendship blossomed into love, well, as I said, win-win. I married my best friend by the way.

And I would agree, sometimes God's sovereign will for us is to wait. It stinks on a fleshly level. However, if it is God's will for you, there must be something about the timing and the waiting that will mature you and help you to see (perhaps) why the wait.