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Why Are There So Many Singles? Why Am I Still Single, You May Ask.

Check out the answers given by Rick Phillips and my additions that follow in this blog post

Why So Many Singles?
Take a minute to review this link and then come back for my comments (or visa-versa, if you prefer)
I agree on his perspective but would add or elaborate the following. I have spoken with fellow marrieds about one particular single (never married) Christian male. As far as any of us can see, he is doing everything right that a Christian single male is told to do. The only things that we can see as continuing his singleness would be some unseen trait only revealed when he is interested in a certain person of the opposite sex (which we don't think likely), his mild social awkwardness or that he is not outwardly appealing to the opposite sex. We marrieds shake our heads at this state of affairs and pray for him.

Another thing I see are eligible singles spending all of their time, energy, passion going after one particular member of the opposite se…

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True Life

A website to find answers to difficult questions. The site does seek to get churches to join a campaign for $25 or more a month BUT the answers to difficult questions section can be acce…

A Unique and Thorough Book for Studying at Home and Traveling Abroad to the Holy Land

The Christian Traveler's Guide to the Holy Land  by Charles Dyer and Gregory Hatteberg
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Some day I hope to see the Holy Land.  I don't wish to wait until the Lord returns but hope to experience it on this side of eternity. This book is the right kind of resource for such a trip.  
It is a unique book that will aid one's trip to Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and even Greece.  Travel safety guidelines are included, from the obvious preparations for tightened airport security in the region to easing one's mind to the odds of a terrorist attack on you and your group while in the region. 
Tips for travelers on what to wear, aided by a temperature and climate guide for key months of travel can be found in its pages.  These are specified to each place/country of interest.  Added to these are advice on overcoming jet lag and a guide for the mobile-impaired.  
If the reader hasn't yet obtained a U.S. passport, there is guidance provided.  The volume tells w…

The Persecuted Church: 10 Year Old Iraqi Christian Refugee Amazes with Her Faith, Joy and Forgiveness; Pastor Saeed Left Shaken; End Times Prophecy According to Islamists; Ukrainian Church Seized Again by Militants Though They Help Provide Food and Shelter

Update: Stories of shocking forgiveness from Christians like 10 year old refugee Myriam and the families of Egyptian Christians beheaded by ISIS have set Arab social media ablaze and even got the attention of Arab media that usually doesn't give time/attention to Christians

Here is Myriam. 
I was very moved by this young girl's faith, joy in the midst of hardship and willingness to forgive. Surely, she is a follower of Jesus, doing as He Himself had done when severely mistreated by others.

Here is a follow-up radio program interview with her in which she sings for the host. It's adorable that she is so excited she gives the host barely a moment to respond throughout. 

She sings a hymn with meaning so much more powerful considering her circumstances: 

Pastor Saeed Left "Shaken" as He Witnessed the Beating of Fellow Prisoners Who Were Also Led to the Gallows

End-Times Eschatology According to Islam

Caleb Suko, missionary to Ukraine gives this update:

Last September I sh…