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U.S. churches in danger (

U.S. churches in danger (

What do you think? When it really costs to be identified with Christ, how many will? How many attacks on churches would need to happen to empty our churches? What should church leadership and the average person, married couple and family do in response to the threat? Is there a biblical response to an actual attack/s on some church/es somewhere in the USA? Do we continue to worship in our churches to make a statement or do we allow al-Qaeda to dictate where and when we worship? If attacks began, would you feel it appropriate to either bring a gun to church or have members or security armed?

A Shotgun Surgery

Okay, go ahead and say it. What a doofus! Whatever possessed him to try to shoot his wart off with a Beretta?

It is easy for us to look at other’s folly and render a quick and decisive judgment but what about my foolishness or yours? How long would it take to dredge up that idiotic thing you or I did five years ago, five months ago or even five minutes ago (God forbid!)?

I digress; let’s get back to the story. A British security guard named Sean Murphy, 38 yrs. old, states that he tried everything to get rid of a bothersome wart. He tried ointments and creams. He visited his physician. Nothing, it seemed, would work.

You ever feel like that? No matter what you did, that malady, that irritation, that bothersome entity just wouldn’t go away. One can certainly understand the man’s frustration.

Sean found a shotgun under a hedge, he claimed. A 12-guage Beretta shotgun seemed to be the magic cure. Just aim, fire and boom! Wart be gone! Unfortunately, for Sean, he was unaw…

Harold Camping Suffers a Stroke

About a month after a false prediction of the coming of Jesus and judgment to come, Mr. Camping has suffered a stroke. Being a man of 89 years of age, his condition should surprise no one. However, some are theorizing that the two events are linked esp. since he is now slurring his words. Has God silenced a false prophet and forced him to live without the ability to speak for a time or for the rest of his life? We may never know. Whatever the case, what do you think and how should Bible-believing Christians react?

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Here is a book about setting dates by the late Dr. William Alnor

Soothsayers of the Second Advent

My Email to Rep. Weiner

Dear Congressman,

I do wish to let you know that I am praying for you and for your dear wife. May God give you both wisdom as you seek to navigate these difficult days. There is always hope for the one who humbles himself, seeks God's face and makes a turn in direction.

In Christ,

Rev. William R. Smith

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James Montgomery Boice on Jonah

Jonah was a preacher whom God told to go to Nineveh, but he would not do it. He ran away. Indeed, he was going to Tarshish until God intercepted him and brought him back. God took His election of Jonah to that particular ministry so seriously that in God's sight Jonah was absolutely indispensable. So He brought him back and used him to effect one of the greatest revivals the world has ever seen. However, at the end of the story Jonah was unhappy, and he explained why he did not obey when God sent him to Nineveh.

Why was it? Was it the danger? Well, Nineveh was a dangerous place. The Ninevites were not nice people. When they did not like somebody, they cut off his head. If there were a lot of people they did not like, they cut off all their heads and piled them up in a great pyramid in the city square. It was their idea of a visual aid to learning. Jonah might have said: "I don't want my head on that pile. It's too dangerous. I won't go." Yet there is not a w…

Four Countercultural Tips on Dating -

"In this day and age, it takes no particular skill to sleep around. What does take particular skill is to be men of honor and integrity, who treat women honorably." -- Lane Cohee

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Four Countercultural Tips on Dating -