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Rawhide Down: How We Almost Lost Yet Another President to An Assassin's Bullet

(photo credit: Ron Edmonds/AP)
From a young age, I was attracted to politics. I remember rooting for Gerald Ford vs. Carter while still in elementary school. I remember Carter crying at his loss to Reagan. And even though I couldn’t vote for Reagan in either 1980 or 1984, I was a supporter so to speak. In fact, I joined the Army Reserve partly due to patriotism, a spirit that Reagan seemed to help stir up during his presidency.

Del Quentin Wilber’s book informed me about things regarding this attempt on Reagan’s life and his presidency that I did not know. I remember the attempt on his life but I had no idea how close we came to losing him until reading this book. Also, I was shocked to see how close that attempt was to the assassination of J.F.K. I recalled that James Brady was forever changed by the bullet that struck his brain, however, Rawhide Down goes into details about his injuries and how that evolved into the controversial Brady Bill. Reagan was transformative as a president…

WebSightings: How to Kill Your Church; Millennials, the Church and Ethics; There's an App for That; Worst Famine Since WWII, etc.

Church Members, Here Are 10 Ways to KILL Your Church
By Tejado Hanchell
-May 8, 2017

Ravi Zacharias: Millennials Have Abandoned the Church and Christian Sexual Ethics to Seek Answers and Fulfillment—They Have Found Neither
By Megan Briggs
-May 15, 2017

East Africa famine: worst humanitarian crisis since World War II

20 million stand at risk of starvation in Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, and Yemen

Samaritan's Purse Delivers Food to Many in Famine-Stricken South Sudan


10 Christian Apps

Forgiving the Past, Embracing the Future In a discussion based on her book Forgive, Let Go and Live, best-selling author Deborah Smith Pegues explains what forgiveness is and isn't, and highlights the rewards of having a forgiving spirit. She offers practical suggestions for going through the process of forgiveness.

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