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Some Help and Hope in Light of the Supreme Court Decision to Declare Gay Marriage a Right Under the 14th Amendment

A Note to Pastors on Preaching in Light of the SCOTUS decision on Same-Sex Marriage from ERLC on Vimeo.
(Note: I don't agree with the link of the Church to the New Jerusalem in Revelation but agree with the rest of what Brother Moore said. I believe the New Jerusalem is a literal entity that will descend from heaven and inhabit space on the New Earth as described in Revelation, not to be spiritualized as the Church)

The 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

Text of the Supreme Court decision (includes dissents)

A note from me to the general population, especially those who support and celebrate what the Supreme Court has done

When the Supreme Court overturns the will of the people expressed in majorities of voters in various states (esp. by a slim majority), it shouldn't be cause for rejoicing.

If the people in those states were wrong, it is a shame and stain on our people that the court had to side with right against them.

If the people were right, what a tragedy that so few coul…

Supreme Court Decision on Gay Marriage May Mark the End of the Republican Party as We Know It, Yet Take Heart Christians, God is Still Sovereign

Supreme Court Sees a Constitutional Right to Gay Marriage

This may be the end of the Republican party as we know it. One of the reasons that conservatives have been given to vote Republican is so that conservative values and the view of a literal interpretation of the Constitution may be protected with the advancement of like-minded Supreme Court judges nominated to the bench by Republican presidents.

However, decisions on Obamacare and gay marriage have won the day because of Republican nominated Supreme Court justices joining their liberal fellows on the bench. This argument for voting Republican, in my opinion, is now dead.

A consequence of this may be the 2016 election and perhaps even a few more to come until some new paradigm takes shape or a liberal candidate or president self-destructs.

Pray that this doesn't mean the beginning of persecution over what is presented as gay rights. Pray that churches, individuals and non-profits may continue to exercise freedom of religi…

The Persecuted Church: Sudan Punishes Pastors for American Advocacy; Asia Bibi's Health Failing While Imprisoned for Faith; Pastor Abedini Has Marked His 1,000th Day in Iranian Prison, ISIS Terrifies but Jesus Sustains

Sudan Punishes Imprisoned Pastors After American Advocacy

Asia Bibi: failing health on death row in Pakistan
PUBLISHED BY RUTH KRAMER ON JUNE 25, 2015 Pakistan (MNN) — Her story reads like a conspiracy theory novel. The main character is a 50-year-old woman, falsely accused. She languishes in jail for six years, charged and convicted of a federal crime with no evidence, and no recourse.

The problem is: it’s not fiction. It’s Asia Bibi’s story. Bruce Allen with Forgotten Missionaries Internationalsays the mother of five was accused of blasphemy in Pakistan. Voice of the Martyrs USA recounts the early part of the case:

On June 19, 2009 there was an intense discussion among the women about their faith. The Muslim women told Asia about Islam, and, according to VOM sources, Asia responded by telling the Muslim women that Jesus is alive. “Our Christ sacrificed His life on the cross for our sins…. Our Christ is alive.”

That led to a beating and a blasphemy accusation. In November 2010, Bibi was co…

Love, Marriage and Today's Gender Benders

A gender bender is defined as someone who dresses and behaves like a member of the opposite sex

The state of things today

Recently, we have been bombarded with images, magazine covers, newspaper stories and newscasts devoted to the transformation of Bruce Jenner into Caitlyn Jenner.

Note how summarizes Jenner’s life:

... gold medal-winning track star who set a world record in the decathlon at the 1976 Summer Olympics. He appeared on the Wheaties: Breakfast of Champions cereal box cover in 1977.

As Bruce, he became a reality TV star in 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians.' In 2015, Jenner revealed that she is transgender and has become a woman, now known as Caitlyn.
(Caitlyn Jenner, Biography: Reality Television Star, Track and Field Athlete
Scientifically, we know that people are born male or female (this reality is in line with what the Bible teaches in Genesis).

Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the…

Our Daily Bread for Kids (includes 7 day sample link), Albert Mohler and Tony Campolo and Christianity Today on Christians and Acceptance of Gay Relationships/Marriage

The makers of the popular Our Daily Bread devotionals have come out with a version for children, ages 6-10! It is for the full year.

$15.29 in book form

Kindle version for $9.99

iBooks for 9.99

7 day pdf sampler

Tony Campolo: For the Record
June 8, 2015; Tony releases a new statement urging the church to be more welcoming.

Which Way, Evangelicals? There is Nowhere to Hide -- Albert Mohler

Breaking News: 2 Billion Christians Believe in Traditional Marriage and so do we. Mark Galli/ JUNE 9, 2015

Free on Kindle: Book on Fear and Low Price on How to Speak the Truth in Love

Running Scared
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Edward T. Welch reveals God's plan for encouraging those in the grips of fear. One of the haunting dilemmas of the human condition is that fear is "an inescapable feature of earthly life." Every person who has lived on this earth has encountered fear. Tragically, for this reason our race for the good life finds us all too often "running scared."