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FamilyLife Today — (Forgetting What Lies Behind . . . - John & Donna Bishop)

Imagine your spouse developing septic meningitis, his or her mind being wiped clean and having to teach him or her everything. How about being that spouse, not remembering your childhood, your children's childhood,your spouse or even how to do the most basic of tasks? That is the journey of the guests of Family Life. What a fantastic story well worth your time and attention.

FamilyLife Today — (Forgetting What Lies Behind . . . - John & Donna Bishop)

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Recently, I bought a '99 Mercury Marquis. It was a model that I have admired for a long time. The purpose of the vehicle purchase, a second car for us, was to reduce the logistical nightmare of balancing ministry, home chores, music lesson runs, daily commutes for our college student daughter, etc., all on one vehicle.
I had been looking at cars ever since we bought our Toyota Sienna van. However, the right opportunity had not come and we were looking at being as wise with money as possible. Increasingly, the balancing act became maddening. Times I could have done one aspect of a ministry or another went undone or delayed.

The time seemed right when I looked in a car lot and saw a light green Mercury Marquis. It had just under 72,000 miles and was evidently garage kept by one owner, as far as I remember. I number crunched and I talked with my spouse. I asked for advice and for prayers. To many, the time seemed right.

I had certain expectations before buying the second v…

Cain's Troubles Give Warning to the Rest of Us

On this blog, I have chosen to stay away from politics. If you know me personally, you realize how difficult that is for me. Yet I have been successful up until now. I post a political story because this one goes to the heart of something about which I care deeply: marriage and family.

According to this latest twist of an ongoing story, Mr. Cain has admitted to having a friendship with a woman that his wife knew nothing about until she publicly revealed what she said was a thirteen year affair with Cain. Incidentally, the Bible uses the more stark term "adultery." Whether he committed adultery with her, one thing is clear; having a secret relationship with someone of the opposite sex will only lead to trouble. Trust is violated and temptation is a real threat.

However, the story gets more problematic for Cain and probably explains the reassessment of his campaign. He revealed in the interview to the New Hampshire Union leader that he has repeatedly given this woman…