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If Only More Political-Historical Books Were Written Like This

We The People by Juan Williams is an excellent read. Although I am politically conservative leaning, I have a lot of respect for Juan Williams. I find him to be a good and decent liberal voice. From the years of watching Fox News, I recall him as someone who always seemed respectful even in disagreement.

What makes this book different from other political books is that Mr. Williams does not profile just palatable leaders of the modern day. Read a book today from a conservative and you will get a book that gives positive remarks and space to fellow conservatives. The same with a liberal or progressive book’s treatment of fellow liberals. If such volumes cover someone from the other side of the aisle it is nothing more than a blistering attack ad of about 150-300 pages. Not so with Juan Williams.

He chose important characters from our modern era from both the left and the right. The reader will find those with whom they strongly agree and those with whom they strongly disagree. Often en…

Advent Devotional; 50 Years Later Joni Talks of On-going Struggles,Conference Responds to Radical Cultural Shift, NT Wright Provides Encouragement to Small Churches

Advent Devotional
by Erik Segalini

50 Years Later--Joni Eareckson Tada Talks of On-Going Struggles
post by Heather Sells

After almost 50 years in a wheelchair, Christian author and speaker Joni Eareckson Tada says getting up in the morning is still difficult. "Every single morning when I wake up I need Jesus so badly."

Conference responds to radical cultural shift
By Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream.

Is it really true that Jesus had no opinion about homosexual practice? Can we be sure that the children of same sex couples suffer no disadvantages from their parents’ lifestyles and ideologies? Is ‘transgender’ mainly about individuals who need compassion, or an altering of reality for all of us? Should Christians spend time analyzing and countering the effects of the sexual revolution, or does this detract from ‘Gospel ministry? These were some of the questions being asked at “The New Normal”, a conference organized by Christian Concern which took place at the Emmanuel Centre, L…