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God's Provision in Portable Form

While our church was in the middle of a move, two ladies who were helping me with my office noticed the portable communion set. For those who don’t know, a portable set allows a minister to take communion on the road, for shut-ins, etc. They felt that my 60’s era set needed replacement. Of course they were right. Besides, I really felt convicted by the Lord that I needed, with the Deacons, to strengthen our ministry to shut-ins. The communion set would be most helpful.

After experiencing the shock of a recent car repair, I began to order a portable set for $20 from Lifeway Christian bookstores online. I got as far as the shopping cart and thought better of it. Maybe, I should wait until next week considering the amount of money I have already spent thanks to my van. So, I shut the computer down.

Fast forward a couple of days and the mailman was interacting with my wife over a forwarded package. Both of us were surprised that she would have to part with a little over three …

A Revolution in the Middle East. Is There Anything in the Bible to Indicate What Will Happen?

A breath-taking transformation is happening before our eyes in the Middle East. Iran hopes to take advantage of it and bring in its brand of militant Shiite Islam across the region. However, the changes may be as different as the countries in which they are taking place. Questions abound as to whether democracy and greater freedoms will take hold or if the revolution going across the Middle East will lead to a different blend of autocrats and dictatorships. Prophetically, we have some clues, perhaps, as to how this will all turn out.

Looking at Ezekiel 38-39, one can find a troubling coalition of nations that has designs on Israel. This mammoth invasion potentially involves powers such as Russia and Turkey but without question include Iran and Libya. That invasion force consists of one element (Cush) that may be identified as Egypt or a part of Egypt in league with Ethiopia and Sudan. Many view Sheba and Dedan, who appear to oppose this invasion prophetically, as referring to …

Witnessing Among the Ashes

Witnessing Among the Ashes

As we go through our daily lives, we find it difficult to witness. Our busy schedules are a reason (or excuse), and perhaps, if we were honest, we would also say fear is a factor. Yet around the world we see people who go through so much worse than we ever go through and yet their witness is strong and seemingly unrelenting.

An example of the hardships Christians face is today’s AP story out of Indonesia (see it at ). Antonius Richmond Bawengan, 58, was found guilty and sentenced to five years for blasphemy. His crime? Distribution of books and tracts that "spread hatred about Islam." What makes the story worse is what happened next.
Hearing the verdict, a mob of hundreds went ballistic. Shouting that the Christian should have received the death penalty, the crowd rioted. Besides torching a police truck, a few cars and several motorcycles, the mob set two churches on fire and threw r…