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Update on Free E-books

Courageous by Randy Alcorn  
free on the Kindle for a limited time!

Mere Christianity is $1.99 on the Kindle

Hope for the Hollow WAS free for a limited time on the Kindle(240 pages) as reported here but is
still a great bargain at a $1.00 (as of 02/25/13)!

I just blogged on this book and its predecessor at Eating Disorder Resources that Are Inexpensive and from a Christian Who Knows

and also Warren Wiersbe's Bible study on Mark(you could have saved $8.99 on this 160 page book when it was free for a limited time)  but it is still a bargain at $2.51(as of 02/25/13)!

Keep checking back for more limited time offers from Amazon for Kindle e-books.

The Joy After the Pain in the Waiting -- This is for the Singles

"I prayed for a strong, godly man, and God delivered! I'm glad He doesn't do things in OUR timing. His is much better!"
This quote is from a long-time single who just celebrated one year together with her man.  Take heart, dear single Christian men and women and remember:

Abraham and Sarah had to wait a LONG time before Isaac came and he brought them much joy and laughter

Hannah waited a LONG time for a child to be born and in God's time, He brought to her a son and to Israel a great man of God

The children of Israel had to wait a LONG time in Egypt before they got to experience freedom but when they did, they saw the glory and power of God.

The Jewish exiles had to wait a LONG time before they got back to their homeland.  

In each of these cases, the wait made the fulfillment all the more enjoyable.  

I pray that you will use this time wisely and be the man or woman of God that someone else will be able to say the above concerning.

Perhaps these could be of help:  


COLOMBIA: Wife of Martyred Evangelist Killed

From Voice of the Martyrs (this is the story in their words):

Alicia Castilla, a widow and mother of three, was killed four months after the National Liberation Army (ELN) demanded she leave her home in Arauca.  On Jan. 7, ELN assassins entered her home and shot her in front of her father, children and a visiting pastor. Before leaving, the guerrillas told Castilla's 18-year-old son, Hernán, that the rest of the family had three days to leave the region. After that, they would return and kill other family members one by one.

Alicia's husband, lay-evangelist Nelson Ramos, was killed by the ELN in January 2011, two years after his conversion to Christianity. The ELN issued its first expulsion order against him and his family a few months after his conversion. He was shot to death at home in front of his wife and two daughters, Rosmy and Jackeline, now 9 and 6, respectively.

According to Hernán, the guerrillas never fully explained why they were so adamant about driving the family o…

Eating Disorder Resources That Are Inexpensive and from a Christian Who Knows

Jena Morrow is 32 years old and has battled eating disorders since her childhood. At the age of 18 she became anorexic and nearly died. Jena is a believer in Jesus Christ and volunteers her time to National Eating Disorder Awareness and has spoken to various groups including churches, youth groups and women’s groups on the topic.

There are two books that I would like to bring to your attention from Jena. The first is about her struggle with anorexia at the age of 18 and is entitled, Hollow: An Unpolished Tale, released in 2010 by Moody Publishers. Since then, Jena has penned a devotional to assist individuals with eating disorders and body image. It is called Hope for the Hollow: A Thirty-Day Inside-Out Makeover for Women Recovering from Eating Disorders.

In the introduction to the devotional, Jena wrote:
 “Eating disorders are sinister, tenacious diseases which thrive on secrecy, deception and shame. Their capacity for destruction is great but take heart . . . the healin…

Miscellaneous Items for Valentine's Day

The Four Seasons of Marriage by Gary Chapman in e-book form is free for a limited time from

Update on 02/18/2013:  this book is now $9.69.  So, if you took advantage of this offer when posted, you would have saved almost $10.00.  Keep on visiting for more great values as I find them and make them available to you.

(Summer, winter, spring, fall - which season of marriage are you in? Looking at relationships in terms of passages of the heart, Chapman guides couples through the joys, struggles, and changes that can come at any point during their lifelong journey. His fresh insights will help you and your spouse deepen your love and strengthen your communication.)

Though None Go With Me in DVD from Amazon -- awesome love story by Jerry Jenkins.  I found this at a Walmart also in a set of four different movies also or in book form from Walmart 
My review of the film

Family Life Today broadcasts and transcripts which include the following:  

Romance That Goes the Distance

Top 10 Books Read of Past 50 Years

Thomas Nelson posted the top 10 books read in the past 50 years.  The graph came from their Facebook page.

Jesus is greater than elves, warlocks, witches and vampires too. Sounds like Hebrews paraphrased for these modern times.

See the book of Hebrews for how Jesus is better than angels, Moses, the Aaronic Priesthood, the Tabernacle, sacrifices, and the Mosaic Law

Let’s Hasten the Day! A Review of I Still Believe by Jeremy Camp

Update: Jeremy Camp on Family Life Today Broadcast with Dennis Rainey
(you can listen online, download a transcript or listen to a podcast)

Part One: I Will Walk By Faith 06/04/15

Part Two: The Valley of the Shadow of Death 06/05/15

My book review of I Still Believe

Imagine losing one’s wife shortly after marrying her. Hopes and dreams and love forever after are all dashed on the rocks of cold reality. There were plenty of reasons to celebrate now there is plenty of reason to mourn.

You are a musician, your wife died and therefore you cannot sing or play your guitar.  A major reason for singing, rejoicing and even living has been swept away from you with little notice.  However, the voice of God is unmistakable. And thus was born, “I Still Believe.”

Rewinding to Jeremy's childhood, his mom and dad had a rough start as parents. As a result of a pregnancy, they lived together. Partying became a major part of their lives and Jeremy’s dad descended into alcohol abuse.

Though the jour…