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Large Christian Family Suffers Losses due to Arkansas Tornado

“The Lord has given and the Lord has taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord.” Those are powerful words, words packed with meaning coming from anyone, originating from the lips of Job. But imagine those words coming from a 19 year old girl who lost her dad, two sisters and her home to a deadly tornado in Arkansas.

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Hundreds Gather to Say Goodbye to Tittle Family Members

MAY 2, 2014
A “small god” offers no comfort for a “Big Storm”
by George LawsonA friend of Rob and Kerry Tittle with thoughts about this tragic event and God's sovereignty
"This time it was different. This time a friend of mine–and two of his children–died. "

Tittle Family Memories Facebook page

about Robert Steven Tittle, 48
Rob was a faithful member of the Bible Church in Little Rock along with his family. In addition to being on staff at Family Life, Rob was an advisory board member of the Home Educators of Greater Little Rock.

Rob was an active volunteer…

The Character and Conduct of the Separatists on Vivid Display

In some quarters of the world, even in our world, there are voices that wish to present a counter-argument to the prevailing one about the separatists. However, a casual yet consistent eye on the news demonstrates that these are not peace-loving separatists longing for independence or at least a different direction than Kiev is offering.

Some of the evidence includes:

1) Masked men outside of a Jewish synagogue pass out leaflets demanding that the Jews register

2) a mayor who is Jewish and for a united Ukraine is shot and left in critical condition

3) counter-demonstrators who march for a united Ukraine are attacked by a few hundred men armed with baseball bats, sticks, clubs and iron bars (and the march included children and women)

4) journalists, observers from Europe,those for a united Ukraine are being held captive  picture's source
5) a pro-united Ukraine councilman is found dead, the likely victim of torture and drowning

One would hope that the vicious and unprovoked attack on …

Russian Invasion Appears Imminent, Freedoms in Russia Evaporating under State Controls and Nationalism, Baptists Under Increased Scrutiny in Russia

04/25/14 update:

Apr 25, 3:42 PM EDT


Ukraine's deputy foreign minister said Friday he fears an imminent Russian invasion.

"We have the information we are in danger," Danylo Lubkivsky told reporters at the United Nations.

Praying for Ukraine?
Odessa Lighthouse
A 7 Day Guide to Prayer by Caleb Suko and other missionary friends

God at Work in Ukraine Facebook page Description from the God at Work page:

Stories about how God is at work in churches during the crisis in Ukraine
This is a unique time in Ukraine's history as the crisis with Russia heats up. The news reports coming from Ukraine include violent images of protesters and mobs taking control of government buildings.

What you don't see in the news is that God is at work in the lives of individual Ukrainians and in many churches all over Ukraine. We want to share with you how God is working in Ukraine today and how you could possibly help!

Note that the paragraphs b…

Russia's Non-Drilling Troops are Suddenly Moving, Ukraine President Preaches at Easter Service, Samaritan's Purse's Activity There, Etc.

Russia says conducting military drill near Ukraine
Reuters Television footage from the exercises showed columns of military vehicles, including jeeps, armoured personnel carriers, mobile multiple rocket launchers, and mobile surface-to-air missile launchers, driving in formation at a military aerodrome.
My thought:  Remember these are the troops that are supposedly on the border to drill that the West has complained haven't been drilling.  They also represent the troops that Russia said would return to their bases after the drills are done and the West has complained that hasn't happened either.  Well, now they are "drilling" -- moving in formation. Whether this is the start of conflict or a flexing of muscles before, we will have to see. 
Ukraine President Preaches the Gospel at Easter! article By Dr. Bob Provost
Slavic Gospel Association President
also from the article:   Leaders in other CIS nations—including Russia—are increasing their scrutiny of Baptist churches becau…

Erotica’s Impact on Ladies and a Call to Return Home to God’s Design for God-Given Pleasure: A Review of Pulling Back the Shades by Dannah Gresh and Dr. Juli Slattery

Read a Sample of the book

News Item from May 26, 2014:Dr Charlotte Jones said the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy has led to . . . a rise in sexually transmitted infections among the over-50s that includes "gonorrhoea and syphilis along with more common thrush and chlamydia."

Were you ever asked to do something that you wondered “Why me?” That’s what happened to me with the request to review Pulling Back the Shades: Erotica, Intimacy, and the Longings of a Woman’s Heart. Apparently, the publisher wanted some male opinions. I hope that you will give me a chance and read my review, either because of, or in spite of, the fact that I am male.

Dannah Gresh and Juli Slattery state that Fifty Shades of Grey has sold over 70 million copies in its first year! Erotica is the fastest selling genre of books marketed to women. The authors of Pulling Back the Shades are convinced that Fifty Shades has done for women what internet porn did for men – normalized its use. In fact, 1 in 5 Ame…

The Least Known Great Danger of the Russian Bear's Weaponry vs. Western Weapons, Ukraine's Impotence Explained and Anti-Semitism in Eastern Europe

Update:  04/23/2014
Ukraine crisis: Russia 'to respond if its interests' attacked
My analysis: Now it is just a matter of when. Perhaps they are also signaling what the new entity would be like. Just Google South Ossetia.  Watch and pray.  

Update:  04/22/14

I believe that recent events are indicative of a Russian invasion of Eastern Ukraine, if not all of Ukraine, before the May 25 elections. 

The Rhetoric
The head of a Russian think tank affiliated with Putin compares Putin to pre-1939 Hitler
- the comparison is meant to highlight Hitler's efforts to unite German speakers in one country (i.e. Putin with Russian speakers in Eastern Europe)

There are no Russian forces in Eastern Ukraine (but then Putin said the same thing about those in Crimea -- and now he admits they were Russian)

The recent violence
Deaths of pro-Russians at military checkpoint, torture deaths of two men (one who was a politician in the Ukrainian acting president's party) and a Ukrainian surveillance plane h…

A Total Eclipse of Reason: Mark Hitchcock's Blood Moons Rising Persuasively Debunks the Blood Moons Prophecy Fad

Just several days ago, on the evening of April 14 and into the early hours of April 15, there was a total lunar eclipse. This is where the moon is completely swallowed up in the Earth’s shadow. The result of this phenomenon makes the moon to appear blood red in color. The second one in 2014 is to occur October 8. In 2015, there will be two more lunar eclipses, one on April 4, 2015 and the other on Sept. 28, 2015. However, Mark Hitchcock asks, are these signs that God is about to do something big in 2015?

In his book, Blood Moons Rising, Mark Hitchcock seeks to answer the question as to whether there is any prophetic significance to what is called the Tetrad of Blood Moons. A Tetrad as defined by John Hagee, a major blood moons’ advocate, is when “four total lunar eclipses (Blood Moons) . . . consecutively occur during specific intervals of time. Lunar eclipses are common but total lunar eclipses are less common,” explains, Hagee. “Furthermore, a Tetrad linked to Jewish histor…

Reviews of Heaven is For Real that May Help You Decide Whether You Wish to Watch

Heaven Is for Real, the Movie
Movie review by Randy Alcorn"As I share in a post about Dr. Eben Alexander’s visit-to-heaven book, while I am not the judge of who has really been to Heaven or Hell, I believe every near-death (or supposed “after-death”) experience must be evaluated in light of God’s Word. While curiosity is understandable, don’t base your theology of Heaven on any book or movie that tells of someone’s personal experience and memories, no matter how sincere they may be. And as I share in another post about Mary Neal’s book To Heaven and Back, I am concerned that even evangelical publishers are now disseminating false doctrine through personal stories of visits to Heaven."

The Burpo-Malarkey Doctrine
by Phil Johnson
"Lynn Vincent, who ghost-wrote 'Heaven is for Real' on behalf of the young boy Colton Burpo and his father, said that she was initially reluctant to include Colton's description of people in heaven having wings. 'If I put that people…

Russia Eyeing Odessa Too? The Ukrainian Crisis in Maps, NATO Beginning to Get Serious, Another Quote from Putin Gives Us Hints as to What's Next

pic's source
Update 04/19:

More walking on egg shells foreign policy. Yeah, that should be as effective as it is in human relationships in general

How is a company or two going to convince Russia or our Eastern-flank of allies that we are serious? You would think a community organizer could organize a more significant response, especially one who is the United States commander in chief and can just call it into being.
Update 04/18: 

What a shock! (sarcasm in full swing) Pro-Russian "activists" or "protesters" reject Geneva deal. Really, you are surprised? Why? Mr. Putin is one clever comrade. Perhaps you would agree with me that he is likely behind this charade so that he can say, "See, we don't control them."
The Geneva Deal
The Pro-Russian Militants React

Yet another parallel with Hitler's Germany and World War II:
Jews ordered to register in east U…

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The Faith of Ukraine's Acting President and Renewed Danger from Russia/Pro-Russian Provocateurs

04/12/2014 Update:

Be in prayer for Ukraine. Apparently, Russia is causing further trouble in the eastern portion of the country, especially in the region of Donetsk.  Keep in mind that this is the template for trouble-making in Crimea that led to a Russian invasion and the annexation of Crimea.  
The BBC reports the following:  
Pro-Russia militants have taken over a police headquarters in the eastern Ukraine city of Kramatorsk

Several other official buildings were reported to have been seized in Donetsk region on Saturday.

Gunmen occupied a police station and a security services building in the town of Sloviansk

Official buildings in the town of Druzhkovka were also reported to have been taken over

An attack on police buildings in Krasny Liman late on Saturday was repelled, officials said

A Donetsk regional police chief quit after pro-Russia crowds marched on a police station demanding his resignation.

Protesters in Donetsk city continued to occupy government buildings, demanding a refere…

Websightings: When Scripture is the Controversy, Pray for Your Husband, Putin Doubling Down on Helping Assad, the Dragonfly story, a Millennial Myth, Circumcision Beneficial and Things You Do that Impress Others

When Scripture Is the Controversy
post by Jonathan Parnell
If we learned anything from last week, maybe it’s that the real controversy among evangelicals in the coming days will be about the Bible, not homosexuality.

Beneath the surface of the recent scuffle is the more vital issue of how disciples of Jesus posture themselves toward God’s word.

5 Hard Things to Pray for Your Husband
Jennifer Thorn writes, "Almost from the beginning of our marriage I prayed that my husband would become interested in being healthy. I wanted him around a long time. Well, I prayed for almost 9 years before he decided to try running. He fell in love with it, lost a lot of weight, strengthened his heart and was all around a much healthier and happier man. Prayer works!"

Russian Believer Threatened by Own Family
As the article explains, "For many believers the cost of faith is incredibly high, and so it is with Mansoor (alias). When his father discovered Mansoor's new faith, he called a meeting…

Forces Met With Forces and Withdrawal with Withdrawal: How the West Can Aid Ukraine and Help NATO Allies Without Firing a Shot

NATO plans more support for eastern Europe
RTE News: NATO will discuss new steps to reinforce eastern European countries worried by Russia's annexation of Crimea and on how to bolster Ukraine's armed forces.

NATO members in blue  (source of graphic)

This may be the answer to Ukrainian Christians' prayers.  Think about this. NATO votes and approves a message to Russia:  either withdraw the troops from Ukraine's borders or we will install permanent NATO bases in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania (on your borders).  If Russia doesn't budge, move the troops and material there.  If they respond by putting troops on the borders there, remain strong and put some more in Hungary, Romania, etc.  Re-issue the demand:  you withdraw from Ukraine's borders and we will withdraw the new forces from the border countries.  I think it is a winning formula for everyone and we can be the next ones to bring victory without firing a shot (at least at an enemy, drills are another matter).…