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In Saturday Surprise, President Obama Punts to the Congress


AP photo from a story at:
Surprise, Surprise, President Obama announces that Congress will vote on strike authorization
Now the question is will the American people inform their representatives in Congress of their desire for no strikes?

President Obama's Proposed Resolution (Sent to Congress for Approval) for the Use of Force in Syria

UN Inspectors in Netherlands, Clearing the Way for Expected Attack

Diplomatic Sources in the Gulf State that Saturday or Sunday will mark the beginning of the Launching of Attacks from Bases in Turkey, Cyprus, etc.  

G-20 Summit in St. Petersburg, Sept. 5-6

U.S. Strike May Kill "Traitors" and Prisoners FOR the Assad Regime
- in other words, U.S. Tomahawk cruise missiles and other ordnance may execute prisoners and potential defectors from the Syrian army who have been and now to a greater degree are being housed at possible military targets of the U.S. whi…

Oh Sweet Lorraine -- a Contest, a 96 Year Old Widower and a Song Expressing His Love

This story is very touching.  If you haven't heard it, you may wish to have a tissue box nearby.  In a world where so many marriages don't make it, it is so good to hear of one that stood the test of time and a man who loved her so much that he wrote a song, though he himself wasn't a musician.

To Syria or Bust -- the U.S. (Nobel Peace Prize) President Gets Ready to Pounce


Britain's Parliament Votes No and Cameron Says Britain is Out on U.S.-led Strike on Syria

I have a proposed alternative to attacking Syria that I think could get UN Security Council approval:  the verified destruction of Syrian chemical stockpiles (Russia and China would lead this effort with NATO representatives involved)

Voice of the Martyr's Reports that the Free Syrian Army Is Part of the Increase in Attacks Against Christians in Syria
-- keep in mind, this is the group being supported (also here) and trumpeted as the good guys in Syria (note the concerns expressed in that last link about arms going with defectors to the Islamists)

Original blog post:
Let's set the stage for this discussion, if there is to be one that is.  Syria's Assad is definitely not a good guy.  He is a dictator who is determined to hold on to power whatever it costs.  If it means shelling mosques, historic cities and their civilian populations, including children, it doesn't matter to …

To the Faithful, the Details Matter -- a Devotional Thought from Hebrews 9:1-15

I want to introduce you to three young men. There names are Ted, Ed, and Ned. Although their names are similar, their stories are different.

Ted is a committed Christian. He has been for a number of years. Realizing that he has been saved by the blood of The Crucified One, he is humble. There are no great sin problems in his life for Ted seeks to be sensitive to the Spirit of God and nip those things in the bud as they arise.

Ed, on the other hand, has a stubborn sin problem. He's definitely a Christian and has made great strides in his walk in all areas save one. It's not that Ed doesn't feel bad. He does. When he gives in yet again, the conviction of the Spirit is evident and he feels terrible. Ed expresses sorrow and seeks to break free but it is difficult.

A bigger contrast from the first two is Ned. He is a professing Christian. Years ago, he said a prayer and he feels that seals the deal. Ned has his "get out of Hell card" and that's good…

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Or why Toni can't sit still? Or why Alex loves work sheets?
Or why Jordan is always trying something new?

Each chapter is fun to read, stimulating, and immensely practical. This book is valuable to teachers, and for preachers, too. -- David R. Mains, director, Chapel of the Air

Her Choice to Heal: Finding Spiritual a…

Taxi Driver Killed over Cross in His Rearview Mirror -- Further Updates on Egypt

Mission Network News:  Report: 42 churches attacked in Egypt
Posted: 23 August, 2013

A taxi driver had a cross in his rear-view mirror. He was subsequently killed and his taxi destroyed.

Christians on the ground have expressed the following:

1) Christians are being blamed for what is happening in Egypt

2) they must keep a low profile or risk their lives or property

3) while the West feels this is coming from vigilantes, they believe the Muslim Brotherhood is behind it

Also, Human Rights Watch concludes the following (this opinion will carry a lot of weight as it will be considered more objective than reports coming from the Muslim Brotherhood, the military or the Christian minority in Egypt):  

1) At least 42 churches and dozens of Christian owned and operated schools, homes and businesses have been attacked

2) this represents an intimidation campaign from the Muslim Brotherhood

3) the authorities in Egypt have been "largely absent or failed to intervene" when churches or pro…