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Man Alive! This Book May Be What You’ve Been Looking For

Read Chapter One for Free

“Man Alive” is a book by Patrick Morley, author of the best-selling work “Man in the Mirror.”  He addresses what he feels are man’s primal needs, including the need to feel one doesn’t have to live life alone; the need to believe that God knows, loves and cares about me personally; to believe that one’s life has a purpose; to break free from destructive behaviors that drag one down; to satisfy the soul’s thirst for transcendence, awe and communion; to love and be loved without reservation; and to make a contribution, leaving the world a better place than one found it.  His burden is that many men feel their lives lack significance, that they are stuck and have no clue how to undo the past and work toward a future full of meaning. 
Morley begins by recounting the story of a 9-11 hero.  Each of us is drawn to such bravery and desires to do likewise.  However, our lives often seem to pale in comparison.  Every man desires to feel more alive, to make a contribut…

Nigerian Pastor and Family Saved by the Grace of God from Seven Gunmen

In Acts 12, God allows one apostle to die while miraculously saving another.  Thanks to Voice of the Martyrs we have another story of one of those saving kind of acts that God sometimes does.  We do not know why God sometimes shields His children from those who seek to harm them and at other times allows them to be killed, even heinously.  After hearing of so many stories of those who have been slain for the name of Jesus Christ, I thought you might like to hear of a family that was preserved by the grace of God.


A Missionary Quote that Reminds Us of the Importance of Prayer

"On this furlough we first became impressed with the way God had been raising up intercessors for us.  Frequently, one or more came up at the close of a meeting, saying they have prayed for us every day for years; some even from the time we had left for China.  One day – not now – we shall know the ‘why’ of many victories and perhaps too the ‘why’ of many failures because someone had failed to ‘hold the ropes’” -- Rosalind Goforth (missionary to China)

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Whenever a good deal presents itself, I like to share.  
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Religious Liberty is under Attack Worldwide

In an article entitled, “Religious Freedom in Retreat,” Eric Metaxas warns that religious liberty is under assault worldwide.  Thomas Farr, director of The Religious Freedom Project at Georgetown’s Berkley Center, is quoted by Metaxas as stating that nearly three quarters of the world’s population (almost 5 billion) live in nations where religious freedom is severely restricted.
For those who think that this hostility is unique to the Middle East, North Africa and some portions of Asia, Farr notes that “French government restrictions have increased too, moving it ahead of CUBA [emphasis mine] in that category.”  In fact, Europe which is historically Christian “is the region with the largest proportion of nations where hostility toward religion is rising . . . Social hostility in the United Kingdom has increased so much that the country now stands with Iran and Saudi Arabia in the category of ‘high’ social hos…