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Proud Father of 3 Saves 1 in Afghanistan at the Cost of His Own Life

Recently, we have heard about the alleged, extremely bad behavior of one of our troops.  Lost in the massive attention given to a horrific massacre allegedly committed by one of our own, are the great number of our troops performing admirably.  One such soldier is Sgt. Dennis Weichel.  

Sergeant Weichel served with the Rhode Island National Guard.  He saved a young female child in Afghanistan.   More than that, he placed his own life on the line and gave up that life to save a young stranger.

His children will be without their father.  However, while they have lost a father, they, the U.S. and Afghanistan have gained a hero.  Read the details at this link below.  Note that there are some discrepancies in the video report and the one in print.  Also note that the video report shows him surprising his children just before this last Christmas at their school.

Awaiting the Right Time or Just Plain Disorganized?

Some people are highly organized.  Quite a few pastors have secretaries.  I am not highly organized and I don't have a secretary.  Not that I am complaining mind you but I wanted to set the background to what I am about to tell you.

Looking at my office today, I decided to clean it up a bit.  Not a big undertaking mind you but a 15-20 minute exercise.  Things that were beginning to accumulate here or there for me to deal with at a more convenient time were beginning to see the light of day again.  As I did so, I came across a "Been Thinking About" column that comes with the Our Daily Bread mailings from RBC Ministries.  Here is the piece:

It seemed very timely and I, foolishy, thought that it was only a few weeks old.  Check out the date in the link above or by clicking on the link.  God meant for it to show up today.  I used it twice already.  Perhaps it was hidden in plain sight for such a time as th…

Social Media and Conflict

Here are some things that I have learned or have observed regarding social media and avoiding or handling conflict online. I hope you find it helpful. Thanks for reading! 

1) Realize that social media is limited in its ability to communicate accurately. In other words, sooner or later you can and will be misunderstood as a writer and you can and will misunderstand as a reader.

2) Once you confront a person as to a perceived slight/offense, and they say you misunderstood me, be humble enough to think, “I may have misunderstood him (or her).” 

3) If the communication continues to bother you, continue to engage on the subject matter until the other person responds, “Now you get what I’m saying.” More than likely the conflict will be over at that point. 

4) Some real-life relationships have trouble doing the same on social media. It is not the end of the world to point this out gently and “un-friend” the person in the virtual world while simultaneously continuing the friendship in the…

October Baby - In Theaters March 23

A first of its kind in movie-making. A movie about a young woman who finds out she is an abortion survivor.

October Baby - In Theaters March 23

The more I dig into this movie, the more I see what God has done with it. This is a must see and the good that it will do by God's grace is nearly undeniable.

The movie website has links to the American Family Association, Bethany Christian Services, Care Net (a network of over 1,100 pregnancy centers across North America), Concerned Women for America, Family Life, Focus on the Family, and on and on.

10% of the profits of the movie are designated to "the Every Life is Beautiful Fund, which will distribute funds to frontline organizations helping women facing crisis pregnancies, life-affirming adoption agencies, and those caring for orphans."

There is an immediate help page and lots of other resources. Check it out at
Also, you must see this moving back story to one of the actresses: http://…