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For What It's Worth: When God Says No (1 Chronicles 17)

Note; For What It's Worth is the title of my devotional thoughts from biblical texts. It is helpful to read the text first, then this devotional thought. See 1 Chronicles 17.

What do you do when God says, "No"?

We cannot help but have a reaction. What is your reaction?




A loss of faith?

King David wanted to build God a temple. It only made sense. I mean, he lived in a palace made of cedar. Shouldn't God "live" in something at least as grand? 

You ever notice what you want always makes sense to you? You have a desire to have this thing come to pass, this path cleared, this thing realized. Then you submit your plans to God expecting that cosmic seal of approval and you get a "No." 

I'm sorry, God, DID you say, "No"?

While your disappointment, sadness or even anger make sense to you, it is helpful to know the rest of King David's story. Though God told him, "No," He gave David something better. This i…