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Thanksgiving Service -- Feel Free to Use/File for Next Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Eve Service11/25/2015
Note: this is a sermon-free service. It is a simple outline service with reasons to be thankful and a passage and hymns to go with them. I had one member of the congregation give thanks for each section and ended with a group of thankfulness testimonies. 
It can be adapted for your purposes. We also had two special music numbers. Of course, it could be turned into a sermon-based or devotional emphasis simply by reducing the stanzas, not including a testimonial for each portion or reducing the portions or perhaps a combination of those while expounding on the Scripture. You may also decide to alter the order, add or subtract as this primes your pump, so to speak. 
Opening Hymn: We Gather Together

I am thankful for my salvation

1 Peter 1:3-10

Calvary Covers It All

I am thankful for God’s sovereignty

Daniel 4:3-5

Have Faith in God

I am thankful for God’s love
John 3:16-17
My Savior’s Love
I am thankful for God’s comfort and care

2 Cor. 1:3-4

Like A River Glorious


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A Summary of Show Them No Mercy in 4 Parts:View Number 3 (Eschatological Continuity)

View Number 3: Eschatological Continuity

Daniel L. Gard’s position is that of Eschatological Continuity. To summarize, this view sees ancient Israel as God’s theological, political and chosen people to punish the Canaanites via genocide and occupy a land that God had granted them. God acted through Israel to perform this function. Gard goes further into the Old Testament also to argue that sometimes God acted solely in the destruction of His enemies in a type of herem. He sees that as the only justifiable genocide of history and it will only be repeated by God in the last days when he commits a final herem upon the people of the Earth.

There is a lot to praise in this portion of the book though I don’t favor his view. On page 116, Gard gives a great summary of what herem (or the ban) means and how it was acted out in the biblical accounts versus the Canaanites. Rooted in what I see as his evident Reformed background, Gard is terrific on the attributes of God and thus His character and…

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A Summary of Show Them No Mercy in 4 Parts: View Number 2 (Moderate Discontinuity)

Eugene Merrill’s case for moderate discontinuity is my preferred interpretation. Without having read it, I came to the same conclusions as he had save the use of the term genocide. More on that in a few paragraphs.

I will label this the dispensational view. It is further evidence, I believe, of how faithful dispensationalism is to the biblical text. It alone accounts for the seeming incongruity of Jesus’ ministry of salvation, mercy and grace with the judgment of the Canaanites in their wholesale annihilation by God as represented in the Old Testament.

One of the things I appreciate is the depth of Merrill’s material that he explains from the Word of God. He believes, rightly I would say, that the wholesale killing of the Canaanites was the judgment of God on a specific people (the Canaanites), at a specific period (the claiming of the land of promise under Joshua), by means of a specific agent (the Israelites) for a specific purpose (to claim the land promised to them while remaining…