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Kindle Book Deals on Overcoming Lust and Sex Addiction, the Life Story of Keith Green, How We are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, Free E-Cards for Dad

Life After Lust 
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Recovery from sexual addiction is difficult, possible, and worth the effort. Forest knows. He’s been there. Once shackled by shame and secrecy, sex addiction therapist Forest Benedict writes candidly about his personal recovery journey, sharing many science-based strategies for successful recovery. Life After Lust provides a clear recovery roadmap for men and women ready to embark on the heroic path from pain to purpose. All who seek a renewed vision for recovery will find help and hope within the pages of this book.

No Compromise: the Life Story of Keith Green
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He was only twenty-eight when he died in a plane crash with two of his small children, but singer/songwriter Keith Green had already created a legacy of music and inspiration that would outlive him. A spiritual revolutionary, he found freedom through Jesus, not religion, and spent his last years convincing others to refuse to accept the status quo and instead to bring compassion…