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Web-Sightings for the week – June 28, 2013

Father's Day Goes Horribly Wrong as Popular Youth Pastor Killed Trying to Help Stranded Driver

Son of Pastor Killed Minutes Before Father's Day Focuses on Forgiveness Ahead of Memorial Service

Letters to a Young Pastor -- now $2.99 - Still a GREAT deal!  256 pages (updated 06/30/13)
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Amazon synopsis:  Calvin Miller has long been one of the most creative voices in the church. As a best-selling author and poet he has enabled believers to flourish. As a pastor and educator he has equipped countless thousands to know and serve God more fully. And he’s got the battle scars to prove it.

Having survived these tumultuous decades, Dr. Miller now shares his well-earned wisdom with the next generation of pastors—including you, or someone you know.

Miller acknowledges much has changed over his years of ministry, as we’ve moved from switchboards to smartphones and from big-haired evangelists to cigar-smoking emergents. But two truth…

Brutality of Extremists among the Syrian Rebels -- Aided and Abetted by U.S. Support?


Joint Subcommittee Hearing: Religious Minorities in Syria: Caught in the Middle

Appearances by:

Nina Shea, Director Center for Religious Freedom Hudson Institute, who has written books on persecution with others including In the Lion's Den and Persecuted:  the Global Assault on Christians

Dr. John Eibner Chief Executive Officer Christian Solidarity International, USA

There are others as well.  You can either listen to the 3 hour hearing or read the reports individually on the page at the link above (Joint Subcommittee Hearing . . . )

Syria Christians face 'ethno-religious cleansing'
Syrian Christians are asking why the U.S. is at war with them, said John Eibner, CEO of Christian Solidarity International, who has taken a trip to Syria.

"As soon as they reached the city [of Aleppo], Islamist guerrillas, almost all of them from abroad, took over the mosques," Jeanbart said. "Every Friday, an imam launches their messages of hate, calling on the popula…

A Case of Gender Confusion that Began with Mom and Dad

Perhaps you have heard the story of 6 year-old Coy Mathis.  According to his parents, Coy, biologically a boy, manifested female tendencies since he was 18 months of age.   The family decided to recognize that he is a girl when he was four years old. 
Upon his enrollment into kindergarten, Coy’s parents, Kathryn and Jeremy Mathis, “asked” the school district to treat Coy as they would any other girl.  Reportedly, school officials agreed.  However, in December 2012, the school district informed the Mathises that now first-grader Coy would not be allowed to use the female restrooms but instead was given the option of using a staff or gender-neutral restroom in the school’s nurse’s office.  Earlier I put asked in quotes because Kathryn and Jeremy responded with a complaint to the state of Colorado’s civil rights division.
The Colorado Civil Rights Division ruled that Coy Mathis has the legal right to use the girl’s restrooms at his Fountain, Colorado elementary school.  In reaching th…

Helen Roseveare: Though Lions Roar -- a book review


Adam Brown: Fighter, Family Man, Country Boy and Hero

Fearless by Eric Blehm recounts the story of Adam Brown who came out of the womb a fighter. He was an individual that ran headlong into anything and everything. With a can-do spirit, Adam climbed his way up to the elite of America’s warriors.

Respectful, compassionate, funny, Brown was a very likable person. Two women had a profound impact on him. One brought him to incredible lows that changed him dramatically. Another was God’s gift to him, giving him stability, courage, a reason to live and return home.

Coming from Arkansas, Adam was thoroughly country. If you didn’t already know he became a Navy SEAL, his escapades would make you laugh, cringe and worry whether this boy would ever make it to adulthood. Yet make it he did and then some. Despite setbacks, Adam succeeded well beyond any preconceived ideas of his abilities.

His fighting spirit caused him to achieve things he should never have been able to acquire. Not only did he help himself but whatever team he was on, …

Web-Sightings for the Week: June 20, 2013 -- free e-book offer on suffering, the end of a ministry, hoarding, the morning after pill, etc.

Ed Dobson's Seeing Through the Fog is free from various retailers and in various e-book formats:

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The Exit of Exodus:
I read the story this morning from Ed Stetzer then I looked for it from various news/web sources.  I know what I thought it meant but I didn't want to reach a conclusion before finding out more. Here is what I found out about Exodus International, from Alan Chambers and Exodus International (it is always good to find out such things directly from the source when possible): 

Exodus Int’l President to the Gay Community: “We’re Sorry”
This is Sam Storms' reaction.  He is willing to render a judgment. I'm still waiting to hear more.  It doesn't look good, it doesn't sound good but there could be another explanation for what they are doing and why.  

Sam Storms reacts

Southern Baptist Leaders React

This is the program that Alan Chambers is supposed to be on tonight at 7 PM on the OWN network.  …