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Anybody Else Think That the Ukraine Will Become Divided with Russian Interference? And What of the Church There? Watch and Pray


Putin Asks Russia’s Senate to Use Military Force in UkraineBy ALISON SMALE and DAVID M. HERSZENHORN  MARCH 1, 2014As Russian-backed armed forces effectively seized control of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula on Saturday, President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia requested —and received — authorization from the Russian Senate to use military force in Ukraine.

My opinion:  I think President Obama should send rapid reaction forces to the Ukraine.  We need to follow the George H.W. Bush model in the Persian Gulf War -- a build-up of forces (perhaps with NATO allies) to secure the rest of the Ukraine against a Russian takeover (like he protected Saudi Arabia from Iraqi invasion with the goal of the removal of troops from Kuwait).  We should set a red line at the border of the Crimea and do all we can internationally to get the peaceful withdrawal of Russian forces from the Crimea peninsula.  I don't think we should threaten war over Crimea, unfortunately, but I do think we should let Russ…

North Korean Horrors Get UN Attention; North Koreans Reaching North Koreans

UN Report Opens Eyes to Abuse in North Korea


February 18, 2014

This week the United Nations released a comprehensive report of human rights abuses inside North Korea, including evidence and first-hand testimony collected from hundreds of North Korean defectors.

In graphic detail the report characterizes a regime that draws comparisons with the terrible evils of the Nazis under Adolph Hitler.

Humanity at its very worst
A UN report accuses North Korea of “unspeakable” human-rights abuses and hints at China’s complicity in some of them

Feb 22nd 2014 | BEIJING AND SEOUL |

North Korea: Underground University
The Voice of the Martyrs Canada

Considered the most dangerous place to be a follower of Jesus, North Korea consistently tops the world's human rights watch lists as the most repressive and closed nation on earth. Reports of inhumane actions, particularly towards Christians, continue to trickle out of the country. But there is a group of exiles who have not only escaped …

Why I'm Not Excited about the Son of God Film

Update:  Ken Ham's Review
"It remains nothing more than a fairly incomplete depiction of Christ as a happy smiling wandering miracle worker that made some downtrodden people feel good about themselves."
Why do Christians require more faithfulness to Tolkien or C.S. Lewis than they do to the sacred text of Scripture? Perhaps it says much of where the American Church is that fiction is more guarded from Hollywood liberties than God's inspired Word. It's even worse when the producers claim devotion to that text.

To further explain, it may help to return to The Bible Series by Roma Downey and Mark Burnett

Here is my take on The Bible Series (scroll to the bottom of this blog post you are currently reading in order to see citations of discrepancies from other sources). I think that this post gives you an idea why I'm so skeptical of the Son of God film by them while the majority of Christians appear ecstatic.

Also, note an interview with Downey.  In my opinion, she s…

Free E-books for Kindle and other Devices, Noah Movie, Is Evangelicalism Really Bad for Marriage, Abbas' New Red Line, Iran Ready to Battle and Marriage in America are This Week's Websightings


What If Pharoah Had Repented? What Lesson Is There for Us?

Plague after plague and the heart of Pharoah continued to be hard. Finally, one last plague on Egypt. Would this do the trick?  Was it just about allowing the Israelites to leave or was there something more that Pharoah could have and should have done?  
And Pharaoh rose up in the night, he, and all his servants, and all the Egyptians; and there was a great cry in Egypt; for there was not a house where there was not one dead.   Exodus 12:30 (KJV)
Makes you wonder how different things would have turned out, and even be today, perhaps, if Pharoah responded with godly sorrow that leads to repentance rather than the world's sorrow that leads to death.  After all, look at the far different reaction to the preaching of Jonah in Nineveh by that heathen king. The whole city followed his lead in a very different sorrow, one that would spare them divine judgment.   

So the people of Nineveh believed God, proclaimed a fast, and put on sackcloth, from the greatest to the least of them. Then word…

We Have a Winner!

The results are in from the contest for the free paperback copy of Hitler's Cross.

Quite a few of you left a comment either here or on my blog regarding interest in the book. The only other qualifier was that you live in the United States.

As a result of a drawing of the names that entered, Nicole Lynn, you are the winner. Congratulations, Nicole! 

Thank you everyone for entering. I hope to have a more international contest in the future. And thank you, Moody Publishers, for the giveaway copy. 

My review of Hitler's Cross
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A Few Take-Aways from the Bill Nye-Ken Ham Debate

1. Bill Nye is Arrogant

Whether it was his reference to the Creation Museum as "this facility" or his frequent references to Kentucky (especially his fear that the people of Kentucky would hold the nation back in the competition for technological advances if they dared to undermine the preeminent position of evolution in school textbooks) or his arguments based on the "reasonable man," Bill Nye betrayed his smug attitude toward his host state, host location and debating opponent.  

Apparently, in my opinion, Bill Nye thought his audience was stupid.  Again and again, he theorized that if a universal flood was true, then why don't we have a fossilized creature struggling upwards?  Supposedly, his mind was so stuck in the deluge of water from his obsession with Noah that he forgot (or hoped that his audience would forget, more likely) that fossils aren't made in water but are formed in mud, soil, etc. and often are found in rock layers.  If you or I are hit by …

Stand with the Persecuted, Nazi Fascination among Palestinians, Kerry and Boycotts of Israel, NATO Troops Indefinitely in a Palestinian State are This Week's Websightings

We must stand up for Middle East's persecuted Christians
By Johnnie Moore
Published January 31, 2014

Abbas suggests NATO troops be stationed in future Palestinian state
02/03/2014 09:09

Excerpt: The PA president said that the NATO force can stay "for a long time, and wherever they want, not only on the eastern borders but also on the western borders, everywhere ... For a long time, for the time they wish. NATO can be everywhere, why not?”

Kerry slammed by right for 'encouraging' Israel boycott

LAST UPDATED: 02/01/2014 20:16

What's With the Nazi Fascination? Video reveals how Nazi salutes at Islamic Jihad rally on campus are part of a wider trend of Palestinian Nazi glorification.

By Ari Soffer
First Publish: 11/28/2013, 12:45 AM


"In America people think that every struggle, every dispute, has some kind of solution. In the Middle East, what prevails is the belief that a struggle finishes when…