A Revolution in the Middle East. Is There Anything in the Bible to Indicate What Will Happen?

A breath-taking transformation is happening before our eyes in the Middle East. Iran hopes to take advantage of it and bring in its brand of militant Shiite Islam across the region. However, the changes may be as different as the countries in which they are taking place. Questions abound as to whether democracy and greater freedoms will take hold or if the revolution going across the Middle East will lead to a different blend of autocrats and dictatorships. Prophetically, we have some clues, perhaps, as to how this will all turn out.

Looking at Ezekiel 38-39, one can find a troubling coalition of nations that has designs on Israel. This mammoth invasion potentially involves powers such as Russia and Turkey but without question include Iran and Libya. That invasion force consists of one element (Cush) that may be identified as Egypt or a part of Egypt in league with Ethiopia and Sudan. Many view Sheba and Dedan, who appear to oppose this invasion prophetically, as referring to Arabia or Saudi Arabia.

One can conclude, if we are indeed nearing this invasion’s occurrence, that Iran will benefit from the region’s unrest and Persia will rise again. The United States, in an unintended consequence, has given the majority Shiites of Iraq the power to rule since our invasion in 2003. Prior to that event, Hussein’s Ba’ath party provided a gangster-like Sunni dictatorship lording it over a majority Shiite population. Perhaps, Iran will swallow up the Shiite portion of Iraq, if not all of Iraq, in the future or there will be an alliance between the two countries. Iran has been fomenting trouble in Lebanon where its beneficiary Hezbollah has a more powerful army than the Lebanese. Iranian funded Hamas has taken Gaza. Syria is allied with Iran as well.

It will be interesting to see where Egypt will fall in this equation. A prophecy in Isaiah foresees an alliance among Egypt, Assyria and Israel in the future though another specifically names Egypt as a potentially punished party for not blessing Israel. The Muslim Brotherhood is a huge concern and an entity that is anti-Israel. The Egyptian populace also would like to see an end to the peace treaty with Israel though the military has vowed to keep it. Egypt is majority Sunni and so shouldn’t be seen as a potential ally of Iran. In fact, Iran and Egypt have a historic animosity that has played out in current events over the Egyptian uprising and the overthrow of Mubarak’s regime.

One gets the sense that Saudi Arabia will weather this storm. It is a Sunni-led monarchy of a Sunni majority country. The prophecy has Sheba and Dedan protesting this invasion. Again, if it indeed points to Saudi Arabia, one could expect Saudi Arabia to be skipped or to overcome any threat to it as this revolution spreads across the region. Maybe the Saudi royalty will enact enough reforms to placate its population or, if it were to fall, the replacement would still be Sunni and very religious.

Bahrain doesn’t appear to be mentioned in the prophecy unless it is part of Arabia (Sheba and Dedan). The tiny kingdom the size of Fort Worth, Texas is vulnerable since it is a Sunni regime that oppresses and discriminates against the majority Shiites. Futher complicating any “prediction” I may make on Bahrain is its close proximity to Saudi Arabia and its being a very important base for the U.S.’s 5th Fleet.

In summary, I have the following “predictions” about the Middle East. Since I am no prophet, I expect to be wrong on one or more points. As for Egypt and Bahrain, I find both highly unpredictable from the above-mentioned prophecies and the nature of what is happening on the ground in both places. However, I predict Iran will be a big winner after the bloodshed/demonstrations and in spite of international sanctions and attention on its suspected nuclear weapons program. Persia will rise again and be a big factor in this future invasion of Israel. Also, Libya will go radical, and be a part of this invasion force. Ethiopia and Sudan will continue in a extremist direction and be a part of this coalition predicted to attack the Jewish state. Saudi Arabia, perhaps with Bahrain, will protest the invasion but apparently do nothing to help or stop it.

Of course, this is all conjecture based on current events, Bible prophecy about a future invasion that may or may not occur in our lifetime, and the geopolitics of the region and the individual countries involved. I hope you find it thought-provoking. At any rate, more importantly, I hope it will encourage you to watch and pray. Remember the Bible is infallible but Beacon2Light is very fallible. I welcome your thoughts.

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