To Save a Life -- A Film Worth Seeing

To Save a Life is a great film for teens and young adults. It goes to the heart of issues that impact them like temptation and consequences, peer pressure, and fitting in with the cool crowd. Even those of us who are older grapple with many of the same things.

The story is about a high-school basketball star whose new-found fame puts him at a crossroads. Will he continue to befriend his companion from his childhood or will he take the bait to be the biggest guy on campus? Jake Taylor makes his decision and his choice has ramifications for nearly everyone in his life but most especially for him.

Though drug and alcohol abuse and mild profanity are present in the film, it is a great movie to get people thinking about such questions as the following:

"Is my life one that adds to others in a meaningful way or am I out just for myself?"

"Does it really matter which road I choose?"

Watch the film and you decide.

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