Bullies and A Way to Overcome Them in the End

Many of us have had to deal with bullies in our lives, especially during our junior high and high school years. A song like this has such appeal to us as a result. However, a part of us perhaps thinks, I really shouldn't like it since it is a type of revenge ballad. So, why do I like it?

Naturally, I can only speak for myself. What I like about this song is the triumph over bullying. It began with a determination not to let the aggressor conquer one's spirit. Each character in the story persevered by looking to the future and seeing success ahead while the bully, who probably was or is bullied himself/herself, would just continue to be mean and that is all he or she would have. The justice of it and the inner strength toward one's life goals would help each character portrayed overcome in the end. There also was the warning to self that if one isn't careful, the bullied would become a bully.

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