Watch "October Baby." You Won't Regret It

The link below is of a NY Times article on the film, October Baby.  It is a film about a young lady who finds out she is adopted, and even more traumatizing, a failed abortion survivor.  This explains some of the medical conditions she is experiencing.  The young lady then goes on a search for her birth mother and winds up finding something even more important, the ability to forgive and let go.

October Baby, the Movie

The movie does not do what most productions do, form a crisis and, in one show or movie, neatly wrap it all up in a feel good, happy ending.  You are left wishing that some things were more neatly and thoroughly dealt with but that is not real life.  Real life means that some things are left for time to reveal or even close.  Yet there is plenty of resolution to cheer the heart.

As the creators stated, October Baby is a movie about forgiveness.  Those who are pro-abortion will find fault with its pro-life message, especially as it has to do with a failed abortion and the aftermath to both the woman who had the abortion and the child who had to live with the physical and psychological consequences of a decision she did not make.  However, hopefully, many women who had an abortion and regretted it will sense that there is a baby in heaven who forgives them as well as a Father in heaven who is ready to forgive as well.

For those who are skeptical about the very idea that a baby could survive and live a full life after an attempted abortion, see

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