A Review of Bridge to Terebithia, a Children's Novel Worth Reading

Bridge to Terebithia is a story that I first came to love based on the movie.
See the Bridge to Terebithia movie trailer here   One word of caution about the trailer. I found it misleading as to how much of the make-believe world would be presented.  It is a major part of the story but a relatively minor part of the movie's presentation.  However, the movie is fantastic, as far as I am concerned.

After having watched it for the third time recently, I decided to buy the Kindle version of the book.
I was moved by portrayals of Jess and Leslie and their friendship at 10 years of age that dove deep quickly and impacted them both well beyond normal friendships.  Jess is presented as a boy who is an outcast and who is picked on due to his poverty and his interests.  Into the sadness of his existence at both home and school rushes this girl his age named Leslie.  While at first disinterested, he warms to her and she opens his life and mind well beyond his own creativity and dreams.  The book marries together youthful friendship, perhaps even the love between friends, and tragedy that becomes redemptive in such a compelling way.  While Leslie never becomes a popular girl, her impact upon Jess, Jess’s family, the teachers and students of Lark Creek Elementary is huge.  You will not be disappointed by this children’s book by Katherine Paterson. 

You can get your copy here:  

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