Stand with the Persecuted, Nazi Fascination among Palestinians, Kerry and Boycotts of Israel, NATO Troops Indefinitely in a Palestinian State are This Week's Websightings


Abbas suggests NATO troops be stationed in future Palestinian state
02/03/2014 09:09

Excerpt: The PA president said that the NATO force can stay "for a long time, and wherever they want, not only on the eastern borders but also on the western borders, everywhere ... For a long time, for the time they wish. NATO can be everywhere, why not?”

Kerry slammed by right for 'encouraging' Israel boycott

LAST UPDATED: 02/01/2014 20:16

Video reveals how Nazi salutes at Islamic Jihad rally on campus are part of a wider trend of Palestinian Nazi glorification.

By Ari Soffer
First Publish: 11/28/2013, 12:45 AM


"In America people think that every struggle, every dispute, has some kind of solution. In the Middle East, what prevails is the belief that a struggle finishes when one of the sides ceases to exist. This is the end of a conflict," he explained.

"Everything revolves around one purpose, which is to get rid of Israel altogether from the map of the Middle East."

"Even universities like Al-Quds university are established especially in Jerusalem, in order to show that Arabs and Muslims are the masters of this place and not the Jews, because in their view, if Judaism will control Jerusalem it will mean that Judaism came back to life after Islam came to replace it.

-- this is an oft-criticized behavior of Palestinian leadership.  There is one message for the West and a totally different one for the Palestinians.  

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