Kindle Freebies, Young Church Leaders Need to Hear, US Army Headed for Collapse and How to Fix, Twin Refuses to Go to Graduation and Celebrate Birthday after Sister Died, Your Children and Evolution

10 Things Young Church Leaders Need to Hear from Us

Our (the U.S.) Army's Headed for Collapse: here's how to fix it

This is Why They're Called Terrorists
by Caleb Suko

"I Died With Her": Twin Won't Attend High School Graduation Without Sister

Adventures in Odyssey The Imagination Station ® #1: Voyage with the Vikings
Free on Kindle for a limited time

Critical Care: 1 (Mercy Hospital) 
Free [Kindle Edition]Candace Calvert (Author)
Tyndale House Publishers

Our Daily Bread e-book on Prayer
Free on Kindle for a limited time

Your children and evolution
Hints for Christian Parents
article by Geoff Chapman

Kids Answers
An interactive Creationist site for your children by Answers in Genesis

Laverne Cox is not a Woman
MAY 30, 2014 
Facts are not subject to our feelings. 
By Kevin D. Williamson

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