"A Mother's Glimpse of God's Love," a guest post by Becky Pete

By means of introduction, I must say that it isn't everyday that I find a social media post that so gets my attention that I ask its author for permission to post as a guest blogger on this page. For the purpose of full disclosure, the author of what follows was a student of mine when I taught at a Christian school a few years back (you're welcome, Becky ;)  She impressed me back then and, though she would herself admit to imperfections, impresses me to this day.  I hope that the following post inspires you. Perhaps God will give you the chance to see one of our nation's heroes: those who give life to those with disabilities and serve them selflessly long after most of the rest of us are pretty much done.  Thanks Becky for giving me the privilege of sharing this.  

A Mother's Glimpse of God's Love
by Becky Pete

To the lady with her son that I noticed while out grocery shopping today: 

You exhibited such a humble and poignant example of grace and love and you probably didn't even know it. By the looks of your face I could see that the years you've had on this earth haven't been easy for you, but I was close enough to also observe your beautiful smile and kind bright eyes as you patiently and lovingly were talking to your son. The way you were treating him made me pause and reflect on those occasional moments, as moms, we sometimes get tired, frustrated, and impatient with our kids. But you, you were such a beautiful sight to behold today.

Kids grow up and leave the nest as they say, but some ... never "grow up." They are, what I would consider, "forever kids." The ones with Down Syndrome like your son (who I'm guessing was in his late 40's) who was dressed and groomed so handsomely and meticulously, I might add! There are also those "forever kids" with severe disabilities that will NEVER leave the nest. They may require diaper changes and feedings well into their physical adulthood. They may never sleep through the night or be able to communicate with you let alone reciprocate emotions of love (just let that one sink in).

So, to all the moms of "forever kids," thank you for choosing life! Some of us may never comprehend or experience the extent of your trials (and blessings), but we are watching your example, like the one I was privileged to witness today. It was just a mere glimpse and reminder of the love that God has for every single one of His children.

A forever child ... of God

Becky Pete with her husband Doug
Becky Pete is a fellow believer in Jesus Christ, a devoted wife and mom of two daughters and a woman who is consistently looking up to her Heavenly Father. She’s also an awesome hairstylist.

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