Devotionals for the New Year: a Couple's Devotional , Bible Reading Plans for 2015

Moments Together for Couples: 365 Daily Devotions for Drawing Near to God & One Another

What a great buy at $1.99 on the Kindle! Check your device to see if there is a deal for you (i.e. Vyrso, Kobe, etc.)

My review:  

Dennis and Barbara Rainey do an outstanding job with this devotional.  My wife and I have the hardback copy.  We have used it for years.  This devotional is one of our staple buys for a wedding gift to Christian couples.  

Each day of the year has a special devotional.  This is especially nice for the days that are missed since you aren't missing a regular flow if you don't get to that particular devotional segment this year. There is a verse at the top, the devotional, a point to discuss and then a suggested prayer.  I believe you will love this devotional and it will help you in your marriage.  

Bible reading plans posted on Beacon2Light previously that are still active (use the link below for the children's one). There are LOTS of great choices!

There are ones for children, chronological ones, a two year plan, etc. Note: this children's one was posted in 2014 but it starts on the correct day (each one is labeled according to day of the week and week of the year, i.e. Thursday, week one, etc.) so it was probably meant for use in 2015.  

Keys for Kids has a daily devotional online (you can choose the Bible reading portion in KJV, NKJV and NIV).  They even have an app

There are a number of One Year Bible's (various translations to choose from) to consider as well, if a hand-held all-in-one format suits you best.  It also includes the Kindle versions, if you are so minded

There are also chronological Bibles that can be used for Bible study.  One of my favorites is this one that I reviewed here.  

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