I Am NOT Charlie

The problem with Charlie Hebdo and the massacre of people there who were exercising a freedom we all take for granted is that, for the Christian, Charlie Hebdo represents among the worst that society has to offer in publications. It is a rag, blasphemous (even against Christ and Christianity), immoral and intemperate. It has the right to exist and to offend one and all (and eventually succeeds at doing just that). However, that doesn't mean that we applaud its exercising of that right in the ways that they have done it. I think the difference between anarchy (that's really extreme freedom, people) and freedom is that the people have some restraint from outside and inside of themselves. Charlie Hebdo operates without restraint and its now deceased editor (according to a European press source that I read) was a communist.

Also, for the French, and any other nationality that seeks to jump on the bandwagon of support, it creates a perception among even moderate Muslims that perhaps the radicals are right. They are against us. To them, it would seem reasonable to show some respect, even if you don't agree and are not Muslim, to the prophet Mohammed.

That being said, I think there is a fine line between saying that this massacre was totally unjustified and evil and the perpetrators must face justice and rallying around a reprehensible publication. I applaud and I am very encouraged by the march against Islamic extremists but I am NOT Charlie.

It is my prayer that God may comfort those who lost loved ones and protect the French people and its immigrant population, both Jewish and Muslim (reports are that there has been a spike in anti-Muslim violence, intimidation and vandalism). I also pray that this action and the reactions of the French people and government doesn't make it more difficult to see Muslims come to Christ.

And let's not forget the Jewish victims at the deli and the officers who died protecting people, one of whom was a Muslim.  Pray for their families. May evil be overcome by good.  

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