Supreme Court Decision on Gay Marriage May Mark the End of the Republican Party as We Know It, Yet Take Heart Christians, God is Still Sovereign

Supreme Court Sees a Constitutional Right to Gay Marriage

This may be the end of the Republican party as we know it. One of the reasons that conservatives have been given to vote Republican is so that conservative values and the view of a literal interpretation of the Constitution may be protected with the advancement of like-minded Supreme Court judges nominated to the bench by Republican presidents.

However, decisions on Obamacare and gay marriage have won the day because of Republican nominated Supreme Court justices joining their liberal fellows on the bench. This argument for voting Republican, in my opinion, is now dead.

A consequence of this may be the 2016 election and perhaps even a few more to come until some new paradigm takes shape or a liberal candidate or president self-destructs.

Pray that this doesn't mean the beginning of persecution over what is presented as gay rights. Pray that churches, individuals and non-profits may continue to exercise freedom of religion in respectful, civil and sacred (biblical) opposition to gay marriage and a determination to maintain that marriage is a union between one man and one woman.

And again, I predict, now that this decision has been made, that Facebook will end the accounts of those who have a contrary opinion on LGBT issues. Google may as well.  It may not happen today or even this year but it is coming. I'm not a prophet but this is the way liberals have chosen to address the differences: silence or shout down the opposition. I thank God for liberals who are true to the name and what it means, showing true tolerance to divergent views. 

It is my hope and prayer that those on the other side of this issue will look up health statistics on the LGBT community vs. the general public.  Do that and then ask what is a loving response to what you see.  Remember, Jesus came to save sinners and I am one of them that has been redeemed; not because I am better than others but because God seeks the lost and to heal the sin sick.  Will you come to Him? We are called to take up our cross and follow Him but the things we lose are nothing compared to the things we gain.

Christians, remember, this world is not our home. All those who seek to live godly in Christ Jesus, the Scripture predicts, WILL suffer persecution. But God is still sovereign and reigns above all. Some day, there will be a new Creation where righteousness will reign and no longer will people call evil good and good evil. Even so, come Lord Jesus! And in the meantime, O Lord, help us to be faithful no matter what the consequence.

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