Eric Liddell Honored in China, Christian Shot Dead by Muslim in-laws, a Man with Hungry Children Because of ISIS Hears about the Bread of Life and an Animated Map of Christianity's Spread

China’s Hero Eric Liddell Is Honored with Statue

BBC's Eric Liddell's StoryChariots of Fire's Eric Liddell is Chinese 'hero'

Samir's StorySamir has no money, no job, and his kids are begging him for food because they haven’t eaten in days. He has nowhere to turn, and ISIS is on his doorstep.

The only glimmer of hope comes when local missionaries supported by Christian Aid Mission tell Samir about a God-man called Jesus.

Pakistan: Christian man shot dead by Muslim in-laws
The family of a Christian man who was shot dead by his Muslim in-laws is now being threatened also. The couple's lawyer is also receiving threats.

Aleem Masih, 28, married Nadia, 23, last year and they moved nearly 40 miles away from Lahore to Narang Mandi to escape her family. Lawyer Aneeqa Maria of The Voice Society told Morning Star News that the couple had petitioned Lahore High Court for police protection due to threats they and Masih's family had received.

According to the lawyer, Nadia's father and her brothers seized the a rickshaw in which the couple were travelling and took them to a nearby farm where they beat them. Masih was shot dead and his wife seriously injured. Both were left for dead, although she survived and is being treated in hospital.

Extremist Muslims believe that apostasy, or leaving the religion, should be punished by death.

Animated map shows how Christianity spread across the world

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