Probably the Devil's greatest trick in payoffs and it's happening at your church

Something that has occurred to me is the number of people who attend church and inevitably someone says something insensitive, hurts them and then they leave, seemingly never to return.

Now, don't get me wrong, but to me this seems like one of the Devil's greatest tricks in payoffs. The sheer number of people who give in to this dirty trick is astounding. I've talked with other Christian leaders and they tell me the same thing.

So, if this describes you, please know that the church is full of redeemed sinners but they are still sinners. Inevitably, one of them will say something that will sting. In fact, sooner or later, you will say something to your pastor or a fellow believer that will hurt.

Stay long enough, and more than likely, I will also say something stupid that may hurt you. This is because I am a sinner as well. Now pick yourself up off the floor. It really isn't that shocking.

If I left because someone said something to me that hurt me, I probably wouldn't have lasted 3 years. However, I am the pastor of a church for going on 19. I have endured dumb remarks, insensitive comments and outright hurtful things. That being said, it wouldn't surprise me to find out that I have hurt others too along the way that I don't even know that I have.

That being said, you want grace? Give it.
You want to be forgiven? Forgive.
You wish to have people believe the best about you?
Then believe the best about others.

The church isn't perfect. Your leaving won't make it better. However, your staying despite the imperfections present may be God's great design to build your character, sharpen your serve and increase your faith and patience. And you will give the Devil a defeat rather than a win.

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