Thanksgiving Service -- Feel Free to Use/File for Next Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Eve Service

Note: this is a sermon-free service. It is a simple outline service with reasons to be thankful and a passage and hymns to go with them. I had one member of the congregation give thanks for each section and ended with a group of thankfulness testimonies. 

It can be adapted for your purposes. We also had two special music numbers. Of course, it could be turned into a sermon-based or devotional emphasis simply by reducing the stanzas, not including a testimonial for each portion or reducing the portions or perhaps a combination of those while expounding on the Scripture. You may also decide to alter the order, add or subtract as this primes your pump, so to speak. 

 Opening Hymn: We Gather Together

I am thankful for my salvation

1 Peter 1:3-10

Calvary Covers It All

I am thankful for God’s sovereignty

Daniel 4:3-5

Have Faith in God

I am thankful for God’s love

John 3:16-17

My Savior’s Love

I am thankful for God’s comfort and care

2 Cor. 1:3-4

Like A River Glorious

I am thankful for what is to come
John 14:1-6

When We All Get to Heaven

I am thankful for God’s Creation

Psalm 19:1-3

All Creatures of Our God and King

I am thankful for God’s blessings

Proverbs 10:6

Proverbs 28:20

Count Your Blessings

Closing HymnNow Thank We All Our God

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