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By Daniel L. Tocchini

Drawing on personal experience and stories from couples he has coached, Tocchini offers practical guidance to move couples beyond communication tricks and gimmicks to help them truly understand "Us" for the first time—talking honestly, listening generously, tackling tricky issues, breaking out of ruts, and abandoning self-centered "consumer thinking."

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A Note from Ravi Zacharias at RZIM.

By now, many of you have read Nabeel Qureshi's post on the shocking news he received recently that he is in the advanced stages of stomach cancer ( When Nabeel and I shared a meal a few weeks ago, he had talked of terrible discomfort in his stomach. None had a sense of what lay ahead. Life brings its sudden turns.

Our hearts go out to Nabeel and his family, and our prayers for him. No doubt this is a valley that no one anticipates so soon in life. The entire RZIM team and our families are in impassioned prayer on his behalf. We ask you to join us in lifting him up during this time:
The entire RZIM team and our families are in impassioned prayer on Nabeel's behalf. Please join us in lifting him up during this time. May our Lord’s presence be with dear Nabeel and his family. We pray for victory whatever…

The Wrong Man
Thomas Webb survived a false conviction but freedom failed him. Then he met his accuser

I hope this story inspires you to pray for those who have been wrongfully accused and to pray for justice for them and for the victims whose perpetrators may still be free.

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