If Only More Political-Historical Books Were Written Like This

We The People by Juan Williams is an excellent read. Although I am politically conservative leaning, I have a lot of respect for Juan Williams. I find him to be a good and decent liberal voice. From the years of watching Fox News, I recall him as someone who always seemed respectful even in disagreement.

What makes this book different from other political books is that Mr. Williams does not profile just palatable leaders of the modern day. Read a book today from a conservative and you will get a book that gives positive remarks and space to fellow conservatives. The same with a liberal or progressive book’s treatment of fellow liberals. If such volumes cover someone from the other side of the aisle it is nothing more than a blistering attack ad of about 150-300 pages. Not so with Juan Williams.

He chose important characters from our modern era from both the left and the right. The reader will find those with whom they strongly agree and those with whom they strongly disagree. Often enough, Williams leaves the reader to be the judge of the personalities’ contributions to the nation.

I think you will enjoy this book for a number of reasons. It traces the history of various movements and its central characters who were leaders in each movement. As a reader, you will come away more informed. If you are a conservative, like me, you will gain some perspective on the heroes of the left. A liberal? Then you will gain perspective on some heroes on the right. In what has too often been a good vs. evil, talking over one another, poor excuse for public discourse world that we have all lived in, Juan Williams presents another, and I believe better, way.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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