A Seminar in a Book, Only Better

If you are a pastor or a church leader, chances are that you have been to your share of seminars. Like me, you may have come away either thinking, “This will never work with my congregation” or thinking that it will but the reception and/or the results were less than stellar. Who Moved My Pulpit is different. This is stuff that you can use.

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Tom Rainer is president and CEO of Lifeway Christian resources. For a number of years, he has researched the Church and provided the Church with important data and insight. Part of his valuable experience is as a pastor. He is one of us, church leaders; not a know-it-all outsider.

In this easy-to-read book, you will find great information. It may help you to avoid common pitfalls in leading change. Motivating, insightful and practical is how I would describe it. I would highly recommend it.

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