"If God is Good: Faith in the Midst of Suffering and Evil"

I am currently reading the Randy Alcorn book by the above title and I am loving it.  I brought it to the doctor's office since I have an internal leg injury needing attention and know that you can wait a bit, thus the reading material.  To diverge a bit, after an x-ray to make sure that I don't have a hairline fracture, some ibuprofen, rest and ice, I should be good to go in 10 days.

The doctor asked me if the writer was for the idea of God or against in relationship to evil and suffering. To which I replied, "For."  He asked what I thought and I said that I was just beginning but I am already in love with it.  I have already quoted from it on my Facebook.  I'm hoping to follow up with my doctor on the book.

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