It's December: Do You Know What That Means?

It happens every December and is totally unlike most every other time of the year.  Something in the air makes this time different. Hindus don't experience it.  Buddhists get overlooked.  Even Muslims are given a pass.  Do you know what IT is?  It is the bi-annual tradition of major news publications dissing Jesus and Christians.

Did you ever notice this?  Every year, as Easter or Christmas nears, Newsweek and/or Time and perhaps some others can't resist rolling out the stories.  Articles that deny elements of the holy-day story as presented in the Bible.  Jesus wasn't really the Son of God or never claimed to be.  The incarnation didn't happen.  Joseph was really the Father of Jesus and they made up the whole tale in order to stay out of trouble.  The resurrection was something concocted by His disciples or a legend developed over time.

Other religions do not face such ridicule.  Ramadan comes and goes without a negative note.  So, why is it that Christianity is open to such ridicule while other world religions escape the critical spotlight?

I have a few ideas.  One, unlike with radicals in Islam, Christians don't respond by threatening to blow up news buildings or to take off the head of a writer of a negative piece.  Another reason may be that we are in the majority here and they figure we are big enough to take it.  Perhaps it is because they are primarily atheists or members of other religious groups, even liberals within Christianity.  All of these, or any one of them, could explain this holiday exercise in poking holes in our traditions and beliefs. 

How are we to respond?  Well, our dear Savior and Master told us to turn the other cheek.  If they persecuted or hated Him, they would also persecute and hate His followers, Jesus warned the disciples.   Look at it as a badge of honor; a testament, if I may borrow the term, to our faith's vitality and love that they would feel free to trash it.  It is, after all, a free country.  In contrast to what our brothers and sisters are experiencing worldwide, we have it easy.

Merry Christmas, everyone!  Try not to let the negative stories sour you.  There are so many more worthwhile pursuits this Christmas.

I'd love to hear your input on this subject.  

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