Proud Father of 3 Saves 1 in Afghanistan at the Cost of His Own Life

Recently, we have heard about the alleged, extremely bad behavior of one of our troops.  Lost in the massive attention given to a horrific massacre allegedly committed by one of our own, are the great number of our troops performing admirably.  One such soldier is Sgt. Dennis Weichel.  

Sergeant Weichel served with the Rhode Island National Guard.  He saved a young female child in Afghanistan.   More than that, he placed his own life on the line and gave up that life to save a young stranger.

His children will be without their father.  However, while they have lost a father, they, the U.S. and Afghanistan have gained a hero.  Read the details at this link below.  Note that there are some discrepancies in the video report and the one in print.  Also note that the video report shows him surprising his children just before this last Christmas at their school.

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