Free E-books: Two on Suffering and One on Preparing for Marriage

All of these e-books are courtesy of Desiring God Ministries.  I thank God for this ministry, though I don't agree with everything they teach, they are very sound and very much well worth your time and effort.  I would also like to publicly thank them for providing these for free and allowing the Preparing for Marriage e-book to be reprinted and distributed as long as it is in the complete form without alteration and nothing is charged (with the exception of printing costs to the one doing the printing and distributing).  You can read the details at the beginning of that particular e-book.

Preparing for Marriage by Dr. John Piper

You can retrieve this book at the website link above by clicking on the book's title in either pdf (adobe), mobi (Kindle type format) or epub  (Nook, Sony Reader, and Apple devices such as the iPad, iPhone and the iPod).

Other e-book releases

Suffering and the Sovereignty of God 
by Dr. Piper and Justin Taylor 
(pdf is free/purchase in other formats)

Disability and the Sovereign Goodness of God John Piper and Tony Reinke  
(pdf, epub, or mobi)

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