Was it random chance or God's sovereignty?

Read 2 Chronicles 18

Two kings go together to war.  A man of God is requested to discern God's will.  One king, Jehoshaphat, desires that advice and counsel while the other, Ahab, doesn't.  Lying prophets come to tell Ahab, the king of Israel, what he wants to hear.  At Jehoshaphat's request another prophet, this one who serves the Lord, is brought; a prophet who forecasts the king of Israel's demise. 

Ahab disguises himself while Jehoshaphat goes in royal attire.  Jehoshaphat is spared while Ahab is struck by a "random" bowshot (33).  Before they left for the battle, the prophet had said to King Ahab, “If you ever return safely, the Lord has not spoken through me.” Then he added, “Mark my words, all you people!”  And on that day of conflict, indeed, Ahab had died. 

So, what of our lives?  Do things happen by random chance or is it God's sovereignty?  Is what occurs seemingly random but in reality it is God who is directing, allowing, and providentially steering?  It wasn't luck that saved Jehoshaphat and misfortune that befell the king of Israel.  God was at work and we would do well to remember His sovereign hand, His grace and mercy but also His justice. 

Let us conduct our day as if it is to God that we owe our very breath.  May we ask Him to direct our paths this day, giving us wisdom, priorities and success to add up to His glory and fame and not our own. 

Keep us, O Lord, according to Your divine counsel, directing our steps, steering our paths and providing us with Your wisdom to do Your will and not our own.  Amen. 

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