America's Hope: A Rallying Cry for Christians

America's hope will not come by force of arms but by fervency of prayer

Not by the election of mere men, women and political parties

But by the sovereign providence of God and spiritual power

It is not a takeover of Washington and state capitols that is needed

But the salvation of men's and women's hearts that is desired

This battle is not one of flesh and blood and ballots and polls

But one of Spirit and grace and mercy and holiness

America doesn't need a political transition from one party to the next

She needs a spiritual transformation from sinners to saints

So let's not start a new political party or transfer from one to another

Instead, let us bow the knee in prayer and turn our hearts to God

Let's not talk secession and a new civil war between Red and Blue

But let's work toward reconciliation with the Prince of Peace

And redouble our allegiance to Him

King Jesus we seek!  Not by political campaigns or slogans

But one heart, one soul, one person at a time

That is America's hope and the rallying cry of each Christian patriot

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