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Free e-booklet (21 pages) to help wives understand their men in the arena of that three letter word.

It begins with S has an X at the end and a vowel in the middle ;)

Sometimes ladies aren't in the mood, argues Aileen Challies, but there is a way to postpone and there is a way to reject.  The right wording and attitude can make all the difference.  She dives into the heart and mind of a man and argues that it is not about release but about connection, giving and receiving love.  When a man's advances are rejected, he feels personally rejected.

Here are a couple of quotes:

The fact is that your husband wants both the physical release and the relational intimacy he finds in your arms. He wants you, body, soul and spirit and he wants to give you his body, soul and spirit. He needs you to be willing to both give and receive. The physical desire he feels is a kind of trigger to remind him to seek this connection with you. It is a reminder and motivator to him that he needs to pursue you. You must not allow yourself to separate the physical urge from all the rest. God designed your husband to need this physical release. He provided you, the wife, as the one who can and should provide the means for that release. And he provided the act of making love so that it becomes about far more than just the physical act. p. 6

Therefore, we say “No, not tonight.” And most of us could be happy going weeks or months like this (and especially when we’ve got little kids hanging off us for years at a time).  But the rejection that a man feels in such refusals is far deeper and far more significant then we imagine. We have not just rejected sex; we have rejected him.  p. 14

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