Mars Hill and Rob Bell After "Love Wins"

Rob Bell's controversial book and the storm that arose after it's release led to big changes in Rob and Kristen Bell's life and the life of their church. Here is the story of what happened and where Rob Bell is today and what he is now doing.

Rob Bell Tells How 'Love Wins' Led to Mars Hill Departure

Here is a link that gives you a bit more information on Rob Bell's replacement.  Evidently, the church will still struggle with Christian doctrine.  

Mars Hill Bible Church Picks Kent Dobson as Rob Bell's Replacement

Some may wonder, what happened?  How did Rob Bell get the position that he did?  If he were mentored by Ed Dobson, isn't that good?  Perhaps this will give you some insight.  

For those reading this blog only recently, I have read "Love Wins" and do not recommend it.  My thoughts chapter-by-chapter appear on this blog.  In fact, Rob Bell's book has the distinct honor of being the only book review that I have done that extensively due to its potential for negative impact on those within and outside of the Church.  

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