Getting Back to the Basics: A Review of How to Begin the Christian Life by George Sweeting

How to Begin the Christian Life by George Sweeting is billed as a book to help new believers grow in their faith. Personally, I think it goes beyond that but more on that in a moment.

True to the book’s down-to-earth nature inside, the exterior is a simple design. A kneeling man is featured on top of all three sides of the cover. In the top right hand corner of the front cover is a circle with “35th anniversary revised and updated” printed inside.

The book is divided into 12 chapters that deal with living the Christian life. They answer such questions as what is a Christian, how does one grow, how to pray and how to be sure of one’s salvation. Topics include the Holy Spirit, Bible study, carnality vs. spirituality, the church and finances. The last chapter is a collection of Scripture verses that Sweeting encourages the reader to memorize which he divided into topics.

The uses of this book go beyond its design as a guide for the individual new believer. It can be used for a Sunday school class or a group Bible study as well. That shouldn’t be difficult since each chapter begins with a verse and a quote and ends with review questions. The author gives other suggested uses in the introduction.

Its usefulness extends to those who have been Christians for a while. As a pastor, I enjoyed reading the many quotes and illustrations in How to Begin the Christian Life so much that I hope to use many of them in the near future. For a mature believer, the book could function as a great refresher of the basics of the faith considering that as we get older, some things get lost or forgotten.

I would recommend this book without reservation. It isn’t flashy, trying to get attention with style over substance. Since it is packed with substance, it does not disappoint. Whether the reader is a pastor, lay-leader, new believer or mature Christian, this volume is worth the investment to purchase and to read. 

Also available are the companion books:

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I have received this book at no cost to me for review purposes by Moody Publishers

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