Web-Sightings: Kenyan pastors murdered, little girl's love for Down Syndrome brother, Middle East updates and Church articles

Kenyan pastors murdered as tensions, violence escalate 
Posted Nov. 4, 2013, 02:15 p.m. | JULIA A. SEYMOUR

Little girl talks about her love for her adopted brother with Down’s Syndrome

Persian Gulf officials, tired of waiting for U.S., move to boost aid to Syrian rebels
Washington Post

What Small Churches Can Do
by Joe Thorn
"The small church is not limited in its fruitfulness by its size. It is only limited by the will of head of the church, Jesus Christ. A small church may be relatively small in number, but it wields the power of God through the ministry of the word which the Lord has been pleased to use to accomplish the impossible since the beginning. The Lord will use you to accomplish his work not because you are right, but because you are his. You will trample the devil under foot not because of your size, but because of your Savior. Many small churches can do far more than they believe, and part of the key is to stop focusing on its size."
by Rich Birch

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