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Jesus' work on the cross targets our hearts, our core desires and motivations, and when our hearts change, our behavior changes. It's amazing to watch people who once seemed stuck in a pattern of words, choices, and behaviors start living in a new way as Christ changes their hearts.
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Don't Waste Your Cancer -- pdf booklet by John Piper (FREE)

By Laura Smith-Spark, Nina Dos Santos and Frederik Pleitgen, CNN
updated 12:17 PM EDT, Fri March 21, 2014

Ukraine making plans to pull troops from Crimea

Ukrainians fearful following Crimea referendum

“I see lots of fear and anxiety when I talk to people.” That’s the word from the President of Russian Ministries Sergey Rakhuba following the Crimea referendum on Sunday. Rakhuba is in Ukraine this week, arriving there Sunday in time for the secession vote.

Ukrainians gathered on the Maidan square in central Kiev, and in city squares around the country, for prayer meetings to ask God for His hand to be upon the situation in Ukraine. (Photo by Boris Volkov, Russian Ministries)

Rakhuba says the fear and anxiety is prompted by a massive propaganda effort by Russia and President Vladimir Putin. “They think that nothing can stop him from invading the rest of Ukraine, or at least the eastern regions. We see now that there are more pro-Russian people uprising now.”

However, Rakhuba says these individuals aren’t Ukrainians. They’re Russian thugs. “Russian thugs are there to provoke violence. As soon as Ukrainian authorities respond, then Russia will say, ‘Sure, you see? Russian people were attacked.’ Russia is using so much disinformation today you would not believe.”

Regional media reflect fears over Putin speech
March 19, 2014

The Lithuanian ambassador to Ukraine, Petras Vaitiekunas, is quoted by business daily Verslo Zinios as saying that the Sunday Crimeans voted to join Russia was "the day when the world order collapsed, which for 69 years has guaranteed the peace of Europe".

"And there is no reason to think that the aggressor will stop or that Crimea will be enough."

What is most disturbing, he adds, is that Russia is "drenched in tears of joy and full of singing and dancing. This is a bad signal for us and the whole of Europe".

My thoughts: yet another comparison with Hitler and Hitler’s Germany – the reaction in Germany to Hitler’s actions compared to Russian reaction to Putin’s in Crimea.

"This is the day when the scales should fall from the eyes of Western people” -- Jerzy Haszczynski, Poland's Rzeczpospolita newspaper

Putin's Speech (English translation)

-- I believe this is his Mein Kampf and we better listen to what he is saying to know what will happen. 
To figure out what Putin may do, don't listen to what he says to the West and Ukraine, listen to what he says here. Note what he says about southeastern Ukraine. You could reasonably conclude that he said "Unfortunately . . . the USSR fell apart" and those words are in the context of his remarks on the unforeseen division of Ukraine from Russia (remember his quote on the greatest geopolitical disaster of the 20th century was the breakup of the Soviet Union). Also, a very important section is when he decries the division of ethnic Russians into different countries. His charges against the current Ukrainian interim government, "Kiev is the mother of Russian cities," and the rights of millions of Russians in Ukraine all point to the idea that we have a president in Russia determined to place all ethnic Russians in the region under one roof.  This is what I believe he will do.  And the Crimean model may be how he will seek to accomplish much of it.  Western and Ukrainian reaction hasn't discouraged it or caused him to re-think the costs of his plans but quite the opposite.  

Check out this map of "Ancient Rus" and the location of both Kiev and Moscow  -- in the speech, Putin referenced Ancient Rus.

Opinion: Putin's breathtaking lies about Russia
By Alexander J. Motyl

updated 6:03 AM EDT, Thu March 20, 2014

"Listening to Putin, one could easily forget that Russia is and for many centuries has been the largest country in the world and that it acquired its territories by imperialist expansion often accompanied by genocide and ethnic cleansing."

Crimea is just Putin’s ‘opening game,’ says Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt

“I think that Crimea is the opening game,” he said. “It is not that President Putin is primarily interested in Crimea. He is interested in Ukraine.”

“If you read carefully what President Putin said in his big speech in the Kremlin the day before yesterday, what he says there about sort of historical claims and those sorts of things, apply not only to Crimea but also to southern parts of Ukraine.”

“I’m pretty convinced that his real agenda is not Crimea, but Kiev.”

Moldova tells Russia: don't eye annexation here

By Alexander Tanas

The president of ex-Soviet Moldova warned Russia on Tuesday against considering any move to annex his country's separatist Transdniestria region in the same way that it has taken control of Crimea in Ukraine.

The president's comments came one day after the speaker of Transdniestria's separatist parliament, during a trip to Moscow, urged Russia to incorporate his mainly Russian-speaking region, which split away from Moldova in 1990.

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