A Great Thanksgiving Read for You and Your Family

Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving 

[Kindle Edition]
Eric Metaxas (Author)

Print Price: $6.99
Kindle Price: $1.99 
(save $5.00 off of regular Kindle price)

My review:  A delightful and heart-breaking story about a child's journey from his peaceful tribe in what is now Massachusetts to being taken hostage and sold into slavery. Follow Squanto from those innocent early days in America to Spain where he is sold as a slave and then to England where he is able to return home. See God's providence in placing Squanto into the hands of Christians who treated him well and understood his desire to return home. Read how God used him back in his homeland to help settlers escaping persecution in Europe survive in an unfamiliar new land. A great Thanksgiving day read for you and your family.

For those concerned about how it appears on the Kindle, I read it on my Kindle for PC with no problems. Everything was right where it belonged and the story flowed nicely.

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