Websightings: Vicious and Bloody Attack Kills 4 Jews Praying in Their Jerusalem Synagogue, Speaking to Your Boys about Kardashian, Russian Ministries Changes Its Name, Holiday Stories and Single Parent Encouragement

Jerusalem Terror Attack Leaves 4 Jews Dead, 8 Seriously Wounded and the 2 Palestinian Attackers Dead

Utilizing a pistol and meat cleaver, two Palestinians committed an act of vicious and murderous hatred on a prayer gathering of 25 in a Jewish synagogue in Jerusalem.

The amount of blood at the scene gives a sense of the terror and the atrocity committed there. 

Word is that this in the pre-1967 portion of Jerusalem, not what the Palestinians often call "occupied" Jerusalem.

Fifth person dies

Abbas condemns (but calls for end to Jewish provocations)

4 Widows and 24 fatherless with one act of terror

Russian Ministries Becomes Mission Eurasia
outspoken ministry in the Ukrainian conflict changes its name to avoid confusion as to its allegiance/mission

5 Things I Plan To Tell My Teenage Boys About the Nude Photos of Kim Kardashian
Great example of what to say to your boys about the objectification of women, porn, what the Bible says and what they can and should do

Blessings To You And Your Family This Year
This re-post of something Dr. James Dobson shared some years ago has a couple of great stories in it for Thanksgiving/Christmas.  In it, he provides a perspective that should encourage single parents.

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