Areas of Agreement from the Arizona Massacre

Passions are running high in the aftermath of the horrible massacre of innocents in Arizona. However, there are points upon which, I think, we can all agree. Whether we are pro-gun or pro-gun control or somewhere in between; Republican or Democrat; liberal, conservative or libertarian; I think we can find agreement on these points:

1) What happened is just plain evil

2) The young man, if found guilty upon the evidence, is responsible for his actions (okay, maybe those on the liberal side would say not if he is mentally ill, but most Americans lay the blame squarely on his shoulders).

3) He should never have been able to get any weapon above that of a squirt gun

4) Somehow the system failed to diagnose him, treat him and track him

5) Whatever their politics, no one who was shot that day deserved what they got but they do deserve our compassion and prayers

Let me know what you think

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