Kidnapped Girl Cracks Her Own Cold Case

I am sure you have heard the story of Carlina White. 23 years ago, she was kidnapped from a Harlem hospital where she was taken due to a fever. Her parents, Joy White and Carl Tyson, were understandably devastated at the loss of their nine day old baby girl. How could someone just come along and snatch someone's baby?

That someone was Ann Pettway. After changing Carlina's name to Nejdra Nance, Ann Pettway raised-the child as her own 45 miles away in Bridgeport, Connecticut then in a community in the Atlanta area. For twenty-three years she got away with it. However, a resourceful person would discover the truth and reunite her with her biological parents.

That resourceful person was Carlina White. She became suspicious when she didn't look like anyone in Pettway's family and all the more so after she was unable to get a birth certificate or social security number. She often searched the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children website. She struck gold when she was looking through some New York photos and discovered one that looked so much like her own baby picture. She contacted Joy White through the center. After DNA tests were completed, Carlina returned from Atlanta to be with her mother and father again.

I remembered the story from 1987. And one of my first thoughts was that someone should encourage her to enter school to become a detective. What an amazing young woman.

Will you join me in praying for Carlina White? I am sure that after living in such a situation with a woman like that and in a tough neighborhood/s, she has a lot of things to work through. Pray for the reunion over the long haul between her and her true family.

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